Best Business Opportunity: Kedi Is One of the Proven Businesses You Can Do in Nigeria

Are you searching for the best business you can do in Nigeria? I will recommend Kedi business opportunity because it provides you the opportunity to leverage on other successful entrepreneurs skill and resources morally.

For you to be financially comfortable with the present economy, you need a business that allows you to harness many peoples’ time, their skills and their ideas to be successful. In short, you need a business that allows you to make money from other peoples effort when you sleep. No wonder the late billionaire, Paul Getty said, he prefers to earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people, rather than 100% of his own effort. 

That statement makes sense if we consider that  we have a maximum of 24  hours a day, which limit the amount of work you can do alone to make abundant wealth.

Best Business: Testimony One

                                   Archbishop Anthony Macfonse Osmond, OSB

Kedi has removed thousands of Nigerians from Poverty. I joined Kedi business opportunity four years ago and thought it was like other network marketing business. But in my five months in the business I realized it was different, the products are curative, restorative and preventive.

The church was so poor that we could not afford N2,200 for registration.But today members of the Church are helping others get well and making real money. I built a Mission house through bonuses earned from the business and bought the Archdiocesan Vehicle as well all within four years. By June 2014, I got my official Vehicle through Kedi  again.  It's the Lord's doing and marvelous in our eyes.

- Archbishop Anthony Macfonse Osmond, OSB

Best Business: Testimony Two

                                                 Franklin Nwabueze Nsirimobi

It was after I was introduced to KEDI Multilevel marketing business following my cousin’s testimony that my health and financial status turned around. 

I borrowed money to join the Kedi business opportunity since I cannot afford it. From somebody who could barely afford a recharge card of N200 to someone riding on his third car this time with an attractive monthly bonus.

- Franklin Nwabueze Nsirimobi  

Kedi is the best business opportunity you can do and it is better than owning a franchise for the following reasons:

1.       The Company is well capitalized to provide you a lifetime business: One of the reasons I regard Kedi as the best business for you is because they have Research and Development center in China and also invested factory in Africa. As part of their overall strategy to build a formidable force in the field of life sciences, they have  formed a strategic alliance with Fidson Health Care Plc, operating under a single corporate structure “AOBO-KEDI Pharmaceutical Limited.” The raw materials for the products are imported from China and it is manufactured in Nigeria by Fidson Health Care Plc.

 Best Business: Testimony Three

Matthew Akhigbe – Alufua

After my graduation, for several years, I searched for paid job without success.  A friend seeing my hopelessness introduced me to Kedi business opportunity and I embraced it. That decision gradually changed my life positively.

Within few years in the business, life is getting better. I was awarded a brand Toyota Camry Car in the year 2012. I’m presently living in a duplex in an exclusive residential estate and a posh office in the heart of Ikeja business district.  I qualified for two new cars in the year 2016.

If you are genuinely searching for a business opportunity to gain financial freedom, I will recommend Kedi best business opportunity.  The key to success is to remain focus and ignore people that will try to discourage you at the beginning of taking this decision.

Take it as doing your own business, commit your time, resources and you will be successful.

-          Matthew Akhigbe – Alufua

Best Business:Testimony Four

 Sunny Ojiaku

Before I joined the Kedi Multi Level Marketing, I was in the business of buying and selling. The business was not doing well; I was living from hand to mouth. I prayed for help and God led me to Kedi MLM and I embraced it wholeheartedly. That decision paid off.

Today, I’m enjoying financial freedom, fame, and control my time. With this business, I have built my dream house, bought my dream cars and traveled around the world. I have been privileged to spend holidays in China, Malasia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Dubai, America, and Singapore.

I have touched lives positively by referring this business opportunity to many people that have run with it and they are happy for taking that decision. Presently, there are over 250,000 distributors in my network.

I brought fame to my country, Nigeria as I attained the director status in the Kedi Healthcare MLM. The first person in the history of the company to attained the status, since its establishment in the year 2006.

-          Sunny Ojiaku

3.       No experience is required to start the business: You don’t need the experience to start the business. The Company will provide you the opportunity for personal and business development. Kedi has a training system with experienced trainers including Chinese Medical Consultants.

4.     Easy to start and no monthly purchase pressure: You register for the business with only N4,000 which is for your ID card and educative manuals. You are expected to purchase one time products worth N68,250 at your convenience.

5.     Easy to earn immediate income: It’s easy to earn immediate income because the products are in high demand. After your registration, you are qualified to enjoy 20% retail profit from the business.  As you purchase products, you accumulate point values for yourself. As your point increases so does your status.

Best Business:Testimony Five

Destiny Oroyevwe

Before I registered for the Kedi business, I was selling phone recharge cards (MTN, Glo, Airtel, etc.) in a kiosk. The profit margin I earned from the business was small, so it was challenging meeting up with the basic needs such as accommodation – I was staying with my cousin.

One of my customers introduced me to the Kedi business opportunity. At first, I was reluctant to do business, but later got encourage with the financial progress observed in my Kedi – customer. That motivated me to close my recharge cards business and focus on the Kedi network marketing business.

As it is in every good thing in life, the beginning of the business was challenging since my monthly bonus was minimal. But with persistence and mentoring from people doing well in the business I am now financially comfortable. I live in a self-contained apartment and can afford the basic needs of life. I am one of the 74 awardees that got a brand new car from Kedi on June 21st, 2014. If I can do it any person that genuinely want financial freedom can succeed with the best business in Nigeria.

- Destiny Oroyevwe

6.       Financial Freedom: Your commitment to the business will give you financial freedom. Kedi is the best business for you because it allows you to keep earning income month after month; year after year from the work you have done once. Unlike linear income, which is a direct result of the hours you put into your business. If you don’t work, you earn nothing. Successful entrepreneurs don’t invest time and resources on linear income. 

Best Business:Testimony Six

Mrs Omolu Ifeoma

I was into a different network marketing company before I joined Kedi business. Then, I was struggling with little to show for my efforts. I am about giving up on network marketing opportunities when someone introduced me to Kedi business.

I decided to give it a try and was able to crack poverty since Kedi gave me financial freedom. I am one of the 74 distributors that were awarded a brand new car on June 21, 2014.  I earn fat bonuses every month that makes life sweet for me and my family. Besides, I have won several promo items from the company.

The business is stress-free because it sells itself. For instance, my clients get healed from the use of the herbal food supplements and are happy to refer more clients to me. My team members that are committed earn tangible bonuses every month. That way, I become a unit of wealth distribution and we work together and are achieving more.

-          Mrs Omolu Ifeoma

7. We offer proven business, offline and internet marketing training for free for our Team members: With the knowledge, they have the competitive edge by promoting the best business opportunity, reach targeted audience locally and globally that need their herbal food supplements and are interested in the business opportunity. 

8. Access to Kedi   "millionaire member's only" support and discussion forum for free:  The forum is exclusive for our team members. Here, our successful members share valuable information on health and wealth freely. You can meet other members earning millions and learn how they are achieving success. Members support you with answers to questions bothering you on treatment with our products and the business opportunity aspect. If you were to buy it all it would cost N30,000 for a year.

Click here to join our Kedi Network Marketing Team and enjoy lifetime mentoring, FREE online and offline marketing training to help you succeed in the business.

Olabode Oruku is the chief executive officer of Oruku Consultancy Services. The company offers proven business idea, online and offline marketing consultancy services to small business owners.

You can reach me on mobile phone 08033205456, 08121325411 or  Click Here To Send A Mail.

We strive to provide success information on this website that adds value to YOU in all aspect of life.

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P.S. We do recommend detoxification of the body system before any treatment to enhance result. The supplements for detoxification generally are Colon Cleanse tea, Constilease, Gastrifort, Refresh tea and Qinghao.

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Advantages of Network Marketing: There are some people who cringe at the mention of network marketing as a good way of making money. Such people probably have good reasons to feel that way. But the benefits of network marketing are too significant to be ignored by anyone, provided you are able to find a genuine and reliable network to join.

Best MLM companies to join Nigeria. Foremost you must understand that the true path to wealth is one that utilizes a system of generating a steady flow of residual income, and there is a particular business model that secures this type of cash flow, that is multilevel marketing (MLM). 

Best Network Marketing Business: Kedi Health Care Limited is the best business in Nigeria, there are several reasons why I consider it so, but with this article I want to share with you one of the factors. This is the Company 5 Year Development Plan (2014 – 2018).

Benefits of Network Marketing Business: As the global economy slowly recovers from the recent crisis that rocked business and government operations, companies continue to downsize and the government struggles to create employment, the ranks of the unemployed continue to swell while the employed can barely make ends meet. 

Best MLM in Nigeria: In recent times, network marketing has become a very attractive industry for many, as it offers a viable way to self-employment and provides a sustainable channel for passive cash flow.

Business to do in Nigeria: If you are searching for proven best business to do in Nigeria with N50,000 or less, I will recommend Multi-level marketing (MLM)business opportunity. This is a form of marketing in the context of a dynamic network.

Business OpportunityIf you are searching for proven best business opportunity you can do in Nigeria with little investment and get free mentoring from experts that want you to succeed, then you are at the right place.

Business OpportunitiesThere are several business opportunities in the country but the fact is network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry. Paul Zane Pilzer, a Nobel Prize winning economist and author said, of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling, also called network marketing.

Businesses to start in Nigeria and gain financial freedom, I will recommend you partner with kedihealthcare Nigeria limited. The company have been in Nigeria since the year 2005 and have produced thousands of millionaires and more are still emerging every day.

Financial breakthrough with Kedi network marketing, best business opportunity may be the motivation you need to take action. This business has been a blessing to me financially and health wise. I have also been privileged to share others financial testimonies on my website.

Financial Freedom: Financial freedom is closer than you imagine with the bold step to register for the Kedi - Best Business Opportunity!

How to Be a Distributor: If you are wondering how to be a distributor and be successful, you need proven information that will guide you to attain the goal. So I implore you to take time to examine this content objectively.

How to be your own boss is the information I will share with you in this article. The desire of almost everyone in life is to attain some level of financial freedom, and the fulfillment of this desire is closely tied to the earning power of an individual. But for most people, there is always a restraint on how much they can earn and this limit is placed on their salary cap, which to a large extent, inhibits their ability to earn more.

How Can I Make MoneyIf you are one of the people asking this question, how can I make money, I will recommend residual and passive income. Before elaborating on this topic, let’s delve into the past.

How to Succeed in MLMBefore setting out on network marketing, one must understand that it is the same thing as starting any other business. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme like many fraudulent people will want to make you believe, succeeding at network marketing requires dedication, patience and mastery of the business process.

How to Succeed in Network Marketing: Network marketing has the potential to make anyone well off. It is especially worthy of consideration by the teeming youths in Nigeria faced with the problem of lack of regular employment. But because many people have no idea of network marketing strategy to succeed, they soon abandon the venture after trying it out for sometime without making profits.

Making MoneyIf you are searching for information on making money, I will recommend you apply Alhaji Aliko Dangote leverage strategy. With commitment to the application of this strategy you will be rich in few years.

MLM Business Concept: No matter how fantastic an idea or business may be, it cannot become profitable or bring lasting wealth to the business owner if there is no effective marketing plan in place that will bring its products and services to the consumers who are in need of it.

Network Marketing in NigeriaThis is the reason why for most people, network marketing is not "easy".You need to learn a lot and also have to overcome a lot of hurdles.Overcoming your challenge and arriving at your destination can only be achieved when the best network marketing company is used.

Network Marketing Opportunities in NigeriaThe key to succeed in network marketing opportunities in Nigeria is effective marketing. One good strategy is to apply internet marketing for better result.

Network marketing tips: Network marketing business is one business that has turned a lot of people who could not find a job or who are tired of their daily routine job for their bosses with fear of being sacked to become job creators, independent and become millionaires. There are whole lots of advantages in the business with several testimonies that it works.

Network marketing business tips: This article has been prepared to give you the simple keys to success in network marketing whether you are new or you have been in the business for long.

Opportunities in NigeriaHere is an introduction to KEDI distributorship best business opportunity in Nigeria that will help you realize your dreams of becoming a business owner and earning residual (earning continuous income from the work you do once) and leverage (earning income from other people’s efforts) income.

The Best Network Marketing Company: One will only be stating the obvious by saying network marketing offers a great means of making money with very little capital. This makes it perfect for unemployed individuals or those looking to make extra money on the side without significant capital commitment. 

What Is Network Marketing: It is now a commonly used term in most online business forums, money-making ads and articles. Most times, its usage is misapplied, creating wrong meanings and complicated interpretations.

What is multi level marketing? It’s not a recent phenomenon; it has been around for many years. In spite of this, there are still people who ask the question. The case of these is even better than those who think they know so much about the business model but have no reliable idea in reality.

List of Network Marketing Companies

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