Make money online in Nigeria using newsletter

Entrepreneurs can make money online in Nigeria using newsletter. An online newsletter is a periodic publication distributed by e-mail to prospects and customers.

It's one of the cheapest and effective ways of advertising your product(s) and service(s) to people in your target market audience across the globe.

Now that almost everyone has an email, the power of newsletter to your business cannot be overemphasized. You can reach your clients and customers in any geographic location in the world and make money online in Nigeria. The objective of your newsletter is to build relationship with your subscribers.

According to Kim Macpherson, "So how do you stand out amidst the ever-growing thongs of online marketers who are taking advantage of the current power of email?

The solution is a simple idea to convey, though not always as easy to implement…give them value, or give them nothing at all."

You can be running your business in one small room in your village at Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria and people can subscribe to your online newsletter in faraway United States.

That way, it is easier to meet and exceed sales targets once you have built solid relationship with the people in your list.

Case Studies On Make Money Online In Nigeria

For instance, Robert Allen, the author of the book “Multiple Streams of income, surprised the world with the power of e-mail marketing.

He sent an e-mail to subscribers of his newsletter with an irresistible offer who bought his products from him in 24 hours.

Let me elaborate on how he amazed the world with a single mail he sent to subscribers of his newsletter.

As a way of exposing his students to the power of making money online, he said, "Sit me at any keyboard of any computer in the world with internet access and I will in 24 hours earn at least $24,000 cash."

He started this internet test at 12.38pm in front of live television, in six hours and 11 minutes he had generated $46,684.05.

Then he went to sleep and after he woke up the next morning and checked the computer (with camera's still rolling), the total was now $78,827.44.

That afternoon, 24 hours after the test had begun, the total had grown to $94,532.44 in mere 24 hours.

Here in Nigeria too, there are many internet marketers that have mastered the skill to make money online in Nigeria using the power of newsletter.

Finally, let me conclude this article with another case of the effect of building relationship with online newsletter.

Terry Dean, an experienced internet marketer, in front of an audience sent one e-mail to subscribers in his newsletter. From that mail, he generated $72330 in orders in only 24 hours.

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