Syphilis Treatment and Symptoms 

Syphilis Treatment: Syphilis is a dangerous infection that can cause serious long-term issues for a person if proper care is not taken. The condition affects both men and women and is usually transmitted by means of sexual relation with an infected person.

A pregnant mother with the infection can also transmit it to her unborn child. Knowledge of symptoms of syphilis and treatment is important since it will help a person better protect himself against unpleasant health conditions that could possibly result. Let us have a look at some of the symptoms of syphilis and treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Syphilis

The symptoms of syphilis usually manifest themselves in stages. These stages are three, namely: primary, secondary and late stages.

Primary stage – This is estimated to start about three weeks after first infection, with painless sores known as chancres forming at the infected points.  These chancres appear in parts of the body such as the mouth, rectum, cervix, anus, or genitals.

It then means that symptoms may be missed when sores are located in the cervix or rectum. Without syphilis treatment, the sores will heal within three to six weeks. The bacteria causing this condition, which is known as Tryponema pallidum, becomes dormant but remains present.

Secondary stage – Few weeks after the sores first appeared, the condition could transition to this next stage. Symptoms such as loss of appetite, joint and bone pain, muscle aches, fever, weight loss, sore throat and fatigue could show up. If syphilis is still not treated at this stage, these symptoms may vanish, but the causative bacteria will remain.

Late stage – Also known as tertiary stage, this is the final stage of syphilis development. Its commencement could be from as early as a year after first infection or many more years later. It is at this final stage that the condition may result in damage to parts of the body such as the brain, the blood vessels, heart, nerves and eyes. Arthritis, blindness and paralysis are among possible problems that could arise.

Syphilis Treatment 

Antibiotics are usually recommended for the syphilis treatment, especially in the early stages. Penicillin is commonly prescribed for those infected. Mode of administration (whether through injection into the veins or muscles) and dosage is determined based on the severity of infections. For those allergic to penicillin, doxycycline may be prescribed.

Antibiotics by their nature are known to have side effects and bacteria could become resistant to them if care is not taken. If you are concerned about this, you will no doubt be happy to learn that there are herbs that have been proven to be quite effective in treating syphilis.

These herbs are usually presented as supplements or liquid preparations. One thing with herbal remedy for syphilis is that it is not only effective against the diseases, but is also natural. This means you usually need not worry about side effects.

Armed with this information on syphilis treatment and symptoms, you are in better stead to protect yourself against the unpleasant consequences of the condition. An infected person should ensure that he and his partner are treated together, and on time, to prevent complications that could include vision loss, psychiatric issues and cardiovascular syphilis.

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