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How to Acquire business education in Nigeria to gain financial freedom
August 09, 2013

Acquiring practical business education in Nigeria is the way to go if you want financial freedom. It’s this knowledge that will give you wealth so that you can benefit from those things that make life worth living. Why did I say so?

Presently, Nigeria educational system does not equip you with the knowledge that will empower you to be self employed and gain financial freedom. Our educational policy encourages theoretical studies to get good grades and get a high-paying job after graduation.

That form of education may have been working in the past, but not in this 21st century because the jobs are no longer there. With the present global economy recession, most companies are downsizing their employees.

You can now imagine the fate of thousands of students, without financial knowledge that are passing out every year from our universities and colleges.

What is the way out? You should accept responsibility for your life. You should stop blaming others for your predicaments. The solution is to acquire entrepreneurship knowledge that will help you to start and run a business successfully.

Presently, there are hundreds of people that are running successful businesses from home. There are others that have started small businesses and have nurtured it to a big company and are now employing others.

Because of lack of business education in Nigeria , most people believe that for them to set up a business, they need large capital to get started. With such mindset, they keep procrastinating, they never get started.

You must understand that most corporate businesses you are seeing today actually started small. Without taking the first step to begin, you will remain stand still and poor.

Here are case studies of people that have acquired business education in Nigeria, they started small and have successfully grow the business to big companies.

Let me start with the story of Mrs. Kehinde Kamson, the chief executive officer of the popular Sweet Sensation. She started her confectionary business from her backyard for eight years before the first outlet was opened. That business has now grown into several outlets in Nigeria.

Another person that has developed himself with business education in Nigeria is Dr. Frank Nneji, founder and chairman of ABC Transport.

As a student in the university, he started the business of printing and selling of past question papers to students. He later upgraded the business to selling clothing materials and lastly to transportation using his car as taxi to carry students.

He went into full transport business after his National Youth Service using his N750 bicycle allowance as the initial capital.

Today that business he started with bicycle allowance as seed capital has grown to a big company.

In conclusion, this article encourages you to take action by developing yourself with practical business education in Nigeria. If you are interested in learning practically how to make money from network marketing business opportunity you can reach me.

Sir Isaac Newton’s principle that states a “body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a body in motion tends to remain in motion.” This applies to the law of activities. Once you have taken the first step, the next steps seem easier to take.

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