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Extraordinary business opportunity around you
July 16, 2014

The present Nigeria economy offers extraordinary business opportunity for you?

Yes! For better understanding, let me begin by telling you a story from Akio Monita. He is a co-founder of Sony Corporation and regarded as one of the most successful sales person from the western world.

He illustrates two salesmen dispatched to sell shoes to an underdeveloped African country.

One of the salesmen cabled his office, no hope of sales because no one wears shoes here. The other salesman cabled, send stock right away, inhabitants barefooted, desperately need shoes.

This story is the reality of what is happening in Nigeria today. Most people see the hopelessness in problems and few see it as business opportunity to move forward financially.

But the truth is if you desire to become a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria, you have to change your perception about problems.

You should start seeing problems as opportunity to move forward. That way you start attracting more business opportunities to yourself. And the easier it becomes for you to gain financial freedom.

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be to help people to solve their problems. The better you can find solution for them, the happier they will be to exchange their hard earned money for your solution.

How do you know a genuine business Nigeria opportunity ? It’s by observing your environment and problems bothering people.

Then you start researching how to help them to solve the problems.

How do you go about it? There are several ways to create a real business opportunity , but my explanation will be based on my experience.

So I will be recommending for you to become an information entrepreneur. Why did I say so? An information business can be started with very low capital compare to other forms of businesses.

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Below are some tips to succeed in the business:

Create a huge demand product: If you desire to create a successful business Nigeria opportunity, you should focus on finding a solution that will help many people.

So take time to do market research on problems disturbing a lot of people. Then create a step by step product to help them eliminate it.

Develop product on your passion or expertise: Focus your research on your passion or expertise, since the objective of an information product is to help or teach people how to eliminate something bothering them.

For you to establish your credibility in your industry and build relationship with your customers, your product must be accurate and informative.

Study your competitors: With the present economy recession in Nigeria, there is stiff competition among businesses.

The key to have a competitive edge over your competitors is to understand the strong and weak point of their products. Then strive to make your product better and improve on their product weaknesses.

In conclusion, applying the aforementioned information, you will become successful in establishing business opportunity that will excel in Nigeria.

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Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku


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