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Coaching and mentoring is the key to success
September 24, 2014

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. – Isaac Newton. The man Isaac Newton is considered the most influential scientist of all times. A winner of the Noble Prize for Science whose laws of gravitational forces changed the way we view our world and is being studied in schools around the world. He was a very intelligent man that developed the mathematical method of Calculus and Optics’ the branch of science that deals with light.

A remarkable man indeed, which is why his quote above should be given some consideration, for it can be seen that Newton recognized the huge importance of coaching and mentoring.

He attained worldwide fame and an uncommon level of intelligence by standing on the shoulders of others, learning from the works of mentors and famous scientists like Johannes Kepler and Robert Boyle to make out his own ground breaking discoveries in the field of science.

A mentor as defined by The Merriam Webster Dictionary is “someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person, a trusted counselor or guide, tutor, coach.”

So in whatsoever goal you are pursuing in life, be it in academics, a career or business, there should be that someone that is more experienced who you should gain inspiration from and tap into their experience as this gives you a better chance at achieving the same level of success or far more remarkable than that.

You should not necessarily put yourself in the same mould as your mentor, trying hard to be exactly like him/her for after all, every individual is a unique person.

Instead you should learn from the principles, techniques and wisdom applied in achieving their success which you now admire and work hard on doing even better than that while also learning important lessons from their mistakes and studying the pitfalls that brought them down to avoid similar occurrences in your own path to success.

Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

In other words, coaching and mentoring provides us with a prepared platform that we can leverage on to become better people as the path charted by those before us can serve as a map for us in navigating successfully through this journey of life.

Mentor training from him/her may not be a smooth, straightforward course; it might be a very challenging one, you must have to dedicate your time and make sacrifices in studying their life patterns, it may involve having to read books, listening to audiotapes, watching videos, attending seminars or putting up with his different personality, you just have to make use of every opportunity you have to learn as you will surely path ways one day as you chart your own course.

Recently, the world mourned the death of Joan Rivers, a globally renowned comedian, a woman that not only thrived but held sway in a male-dominated profession till she was 81 years old and would have still been going if not for her death.

She became so good at her chosen career and put smiles in the hearts of many because she got coaching and mentoring from a master in the game, Johnny Carson who ruled the world of television comedy for more than three decades with his TV series, The Tonight Show listed as 12th on the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time by TV Guide.

Carson featured Joan Rivers on the show and her genius began to blossom as she learned from him and grew from there to become one of the most recognized figures in TV comedy of our time. Although, their relationship did not end well, you should know that the role of a mentor is a very important one that can help shape you for future greatness.

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Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

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