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One proven investment in Nigeria that can make you rich and sustain your wealth is real estate investment.

The recent crash of the stock market in Nigeria where many investors lost their stocks has made real estate investment to become popular amongst investors.

This does not mean real estate investment in Nigeria is an exception to risk; there are no 100% safe investments.

But by combining resources with an established real estate company, you will be playing it safe.

Real estate business requires huge capital to get started, this has discouraged many interested people from the business.

But the strategy of joining capital with other investors through an investment company has eliminated this challenge.

This has made it possible for an employee, employer, high income earner, low income earner or an investor in other industries to be involved in the business.

One proven reason why real estate investment in Nigeria has been earning good returns for investors is because of successful experts in the industry that are behind the companies.

This strategy of partnership is helping people with little capital and no knowledge of the business to make substantial profit.

If you want to make money from real estate investment in Nigeria and don’t have the necessary knowledge to run the business and have limited capital to start it, then consider joining a well managed investment organization.

The organization may either be real estate investment club or real estate co-operative society. That way you leverage on experts knowledge for token fee.

In addition, a well managed real estate organization allows your money to work for you without your involvement in the daily running of the business.

You also reduce the risk of your investment significantly, since you are only contributing a small portion of the investment.

A real estate investment company will pool resources of many people together and invest in lands and properties.

These are used to generate profits for members by selling them when prices of the properties appreciate or rental income.

The success of the investment group depends on the company behind it. So, do your research very well before investing your hard earned money.

For example, you should try to know the people managing the affairs of the company if they are credible and are managing the real estate business well.

This form of investment in Nigeria offers high returns rather than saving your money in the bank.

The super rich never save money. They invest in PROPERTY. With as little as N50,000, you can own a plot of land that explodes in value and fetches you millions tomorrow.

Simply buy a plot of land at Roseberry Estate with an initial deposit of N50,000, pay N23,750 over the next 20months (making a total of N525,000), and watch its value appreciate beyond your expectations.

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Acquiring entrepreneurship education in Nigeria

If you are interested in acquiring entrepreneurship education in Nigeria, you must understand that formal schools like university, polytechnics and colleges cannot provide you such knowledge.

Schools only prepare you to become an employee not an employer. No wonder most educated Nigerians that attempted to go into business are failing.

For this reason I have devoted this website to sharing with you proven successful entrepreneurship education in Nigeria that can fill the missing gaps in our schools.

Below are tips you can start applying in your business. Let’s get started.

Keep Learning
As they say in life, the moment you stop learning, you start stagnating. The best entrepreneurship education in Nigeria for you is to keep learning new things in your industry to have competitive edge over your competitors.

You must keep reading quality books in your industry to update your knowledge and attend relevant seminars on how to run your business successfully.

There are many entrepreneurs working hard and their businesses are just surviving. If they had dedicated time and resources to learn new skills in their business, they would have become more knowledgeable and create more positive impact in their industry. That would have led to more income for them.

Apply What You Learn
Entrepreneurship education in Nigeria does not stop in just learning, you must apply what you have learnt. According to Napoleon Hill, education consists not so much of knowledge, but of knowledge effectively and persistently applied. People are paid not merely for what they know, but more particularly for what they do with what they know.

If after learning you do nothing with the information, you will get nothing. This applies particularly to businesses on the internet.

There are people that have attended one form of internet marketing training they can apply to promote their business, but they sit back and do nothing. You won’t get result that way.

Deliver Value
The mistakes most entrepreneurs are making is to focus all their time and resources in getting new clients rather than offering maximum value to their present clients.

My advice for you is to strive to be the best you can to your current clients. Then you will have clients that keep patronizing your business at whatever reasonable price you are selling it.

Render Excellence Services
When you render excellence services that make your present clients happy, with word of mouth they will keep referring new clients to your business.

As you strive to attain excellence in your business, it will raise the standard of your products and services. People will see that there is something special about your business that is missing in your competitors.

Avoid Negative Thinking People
Finally, if you are to succeed in applying entrepreneurship education in Nigeria, you must not associate with negative thinking people because they will consciously or unconsciously pull you down to their levels.

It’s very common to hear such people say, there is tough time in the country. This has always been the perception of such people for centuries.

The fact is if you keep applying the principles from entrepreneurship education, no matter the problems in the economy, your business will keep striving.

You should start seeing problems as an opportunity to move your business forward. See this period as an opportunity to provide solace and solutions to others that are seeing hopelessness.

I hope you find the information useful?

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

Mobile: 2348033205456

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With as little as N50,000, you can own a plot of land that explodes in value and fetches you millions tomorrow.

Simply buy a plot of land at Roseberry Estate with an initial deposit of N50,000, pay N23,750 over the next 20months (making a total of N525,000), and watch its value appreciate beyond your expectations.

Offer last while stock last.

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