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How to Make Money on the Internet
May 06, 2014

I received mails regularly from my friends (online and offline) who are interested on how the internet works and how they can make money from it. I have package 5 Contents that reveal information on how the internet works and how you can benefit from it.

You will receive 4 more mails from me as regard the aforementioned every two days within the next 15 days.

According to Bill Gates, "in few years from now there will be two groups of people doing business, those on the internet and those out of business." Enough of talking, let’s get started.

With the emergence of the internet, starting an internet business in Nigeria is now possible for anybody to start. That’s one good reason why you should start an online business based on your knowledge, passion and business.

The motive of this article is to share tips on how you can start and integrate online business to what you love doing and desire.

Here are categories of businesses in Nigeria that can be integrated into the internet and earn you lifetime income.

Copyright products: If you are an author or a musician you can improve your sales with an online business. You can focus on promoting your copyright works with an effective website/blog.

Examples of copyright products are books and music. These products can be promoted online to make money for the author and the musician involved.

People that render services: If you are into the business of rendering services to others, internet business in Nigeria will work for you. The services your business renders can create a high impact on the Internet.

For instance, website designer, business consultants, motivational speakers, artists, lawyers, dentists, event coordinators, graphic artists, human resources, services providers, etc. may build effective website/blog to enhance their services.

Shop owners: Are you a trader in Nigeria that owns a shop? Then you can design a traffic generating site to attract potential customers. These categories of shop owners include: People that are into the business of wears and accessories, kitchen equipment, automobiles, boutiques, bookshops, jewelry Stores, indoor decorators, and others.

Service Stores: There are entrepreneurs that render purely services to the public. They can enhance their business with a generating traffic website/blog. These are business owners that run “bukaterias”, eateries, restaurant, laundries, crèche and others.

Retirees: People that have retired from active work or planning to retire from work may start an internet business in Nigeria based on what they know, their experiences and what they love doing.

The Unemployed: Presently in Nigeria, there are little or no job opportunities. The best bet for an unemployed person is to start an internet business in Nigeria on anything he or she knows about. The good news is that you don’t need much capital to start an online business.

Students: As a student, if you want quality education in Nigeria, it’s expensive. Only few parents can afford it. You can help yourself and your parents by learning how to use the internet to make money.

How? With you making massive money on the internet, you don’t need to depend solely on your parents to finance your education. Rather, you will use the money made to enhance their living standards.

The bottom line, you must know that you have to devote some time and resources to learn how the internet works. It will take time and patience, no matter what you have heard. But, one thing is certain you will succeed in internet business in Nigeria if you want it badly.

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

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Proven Internet Marketing Training For Small Business Owners And Network Marketers

A Testimony from Previous attendant
The seminar afforded me unique insight into the untapped possibilities in website operations, particularly from a business perspective in very clear, logical, convincing and simple terms. I could not be better motivated to own a website. – Nelson Tuedon, CEO Ixora Integrated Services Limited

You will learn the following:

• How to promote your business effectively on facebook
• How to build a free Blog (website with to attract prospects, clients and downlines
• Effective strategy to optimize your blog to please the search engines and potential clients.
• How to attract clients and prospects to your site
• How to build your list.


Olabode Oruku is an online consultant to small business owners, an information entrepreneur and a network marketer. He consults for companies which include MASTERMARKS Limited, Realty Point Limited, etc.

He is an online columnist to some Nigeria newspapers, which include Daily Independent, Financial Standard and Nigeria Communication Week. He features regularly on star 101.5 FM entrepreneurship program called TalkBack.

He earns comfortably monthly from his blog

May 24th (Saturday), 2014
Time: 10.00am
Fee: N5,500 (The fee covers training materials and lunch)
Bonus: E-book: How to write content that sell on the internet: Value: N5,000
Venue: 10, Orishe Street, Opposite Trinity Mall, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Payment should be made to either of the following banks:

GTBank Plc
Account Name: Oruku Olabode, Account No: 0002766811

First Bank Plc
Account Name: Oruku Consultancy Services, Account No: 2015792963

For enquiries call/text: 08033205456

P.S.1: For Seat Reservation, Please Call To Book.
P.S.2: 10% Discount (N4,950) For Payments made On Or Before 16th May, 2014.This payment will help us to prepare materials for the numbers of people attending thus remove logistic challenges. That help us to enhance the comfort of attendees.
P.S.3: Please note that 40 seats are available. It will be strictly on first come, first serve basis. Once the seats are filled up invitation to the seminar will stop.

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