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Mustard Seed, a Proven Health and Nutrition Product
October 08, 2012

Mustard seed is an unusual health food that can be used to treat almost all ailments. It contains 100% natural ingredients that possess powerful substance for the cure of many type of sickness. These ailments include heart diseases, heart burn, diabetes, body odour, bedsore, insomnia, snoring, anxiety, strengthening the memory, good voice, hiccough, bronchitis, malaria and typhoid, pneumonia, relieve stress, prevents heart attack, invigorate the body, skin diseases, reduce severity of asthma, ring worm, arthritis, muscular pains, high blood pressure, insomnia, sexually transmitted diseases, stroke, allergy, cancer, stomach problems, digestion, relief of strain muscle, bedsore and pile.

Personally, it has helped me to overcome pile, which Yoruba called jedi jedi. I take it daily as health nutrition refreshment and I am healthier and stronger.

Mustardseed not only serve as health food, it can also be used as spice. For instance, it’s an alternative to curry. It’s used in many foods such as sausages, salad dressing and can be sprinkle on cake and other confectioneries.

Mustard seed has been found to slow down the growth of cancer cells and protect against it. It contains significant amount of phytonutrients, enhances metabolism, stimulate digestion.

It’s effective for the treatment of skin diseases with the aid of sulphur found in the mustard seed. It Lower high blood pressure and restore normal sleep patterns.

It’s a high-quality source of omega 3 fatty acid as well as Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and chlorine. It’s rich in calcium, dietary fiber, iron manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper selenium and zinc.

Mustard seed helps neutralize radiations from television sets, computer and mobile phones.

How to Use Mustard Seed

1. For asthma cough get 3 to 5 sachet, break the black cell, and soak in Chelsea bottle of lime and half Chelsea bottle of pure honey. Leave to ferment for two days before taken: take 4 spoons 2 times a day.

2. For eye problem chew some seeds morning and night.

3. For infection. Get 3 sachets of wonderful seed, break the black cell, soak in Chelsea bottle lime juice, leave to ferment two days before taken. Take four spoons 2 times a day.

4. For fibroid, get 10 sachets; chew 3 pieces on empty stomach 2 times a day.

5. Stomach ulcer: Mix 3 sachets in warm water. Drink 4 spoons morning and night.

6. For bad worms, mix 3 sachets in soda water. Drink 5 spoons 2 times a day.

7. For weak organ and poor erection, mix 3 sachets in one bottle of 7up. Drink 4 spoons 2 times a day.

8. Rheumatism. Mix 3 sachets in warm water, and avoid drinking cold water.

9. For excess sugar and diabetes, get some bitter leaves, some scent leaves, get 5 sachets of mustard seed, and add 3 cups of water. Drink 4 spoons 2 times a day.

10. For wounds and incurable sore, grind a sachet, pour into original honey and apply twice daily.

11. For pile, back pain, eye problem, headache, pains, diabetes, hypertension, sleeplessness, tuberculosis, malaria fever, typhoid, menstrual and stomach pains, chew some quantities once daily anytime.

12. For hair and skin care, grind one sachet, mix with any cream. It makes hair grow and cure dandruff.

13. Blood purification, chew some quantities once daily.

14. Sexual diseases, staphylococcus and syphilis: Grind 4 sachets and mix with lime. Drink only for 14 days.

15. For mouth odour, chew some mustardseed every morning before food.

16. For good memory, grind a sachet, pour into original honey. Take one spoon daily.

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY: How to Process It Successfully
Here is an article from Mr Debo Adejana, Managing Director of Realty Point Limited.

For any building structure you see, whether a bungalow, duplex, sky scraper or even the foundational stage of a building, the Certificate of Occupancy, popularly called the C of O is what signifies legally that you have interest on the land upon which that property is standing on.

It is a very important document in any land transaction and is issued by the Government to the buyer of the land. Certificate of Occupancy is what makes you a lawful interest holder in the land and it also describes the type of use the land can be put to; commercial, mixed development or residential.

For example, according to the Constitution of Nigeria and since 1978, all land in a state (especially the urban parts of the state) is to be held by the Governor in trust for the people of the state.

This is not to say that we still don’t have people who exercise rights of their own on landed properties. These are called “omo-oniles” in the popular palace. Usually, their holdings are outside the legal frame work and would have to be brought in when you buy or even by themselves before selling if it is to become bankable.

To buy land therefore, you can make your purchase from the “omo-oniles”, Government or some other entity (individual or corporate) who must have earlier bought from either “omo-onile”s or Government.

Therefore to purchase a land, you either buy directly from the government, from individuals who bought from the government or from these so called “omooniles.” In cases where the said land has being a matter of some form of acquisition, you may have to pay the two of them to have access to a land.

At Realty Point, we usually advise that a proper due diligence be done when buying a piece of land because ignorance is not an excuse in law. Whoever you buy from, it is important that you obtain your Certificate of Occupancy where none existed before so as to ensure you secure a perfect title to the land.

To obtain your C of O from the government, you need to

1. Apply for land information and get your land information certificate. To do this, you need to pay an application fee at the Surveyor General’s office and provide a chartable survey plan (2 cloth, 2 paper)

2. Purchase a C of O application form. If a residential building, it’s =N=5,000 but if commercial, it’s =N=20,000 in Lagos State.

3. Fill and submit the application form in Land Use Allocation Commission (LUAC) with the following supporting documents

o Land information certificate

o Receipt for land information fee

o Receipt for application form

o Publication/inspection fee of =N=10,000

o Capital contribution (to be calculated based on size and location of land)

o Land purchase receipt/agreement (duly stamped)

o Copy of current tax clearance certificate (individuals)

o Copy of =N=100 development levy receipt

o Site location sketch

o Four passport photographs of applicant with white background

o Copy of approved building plan (if developed)

o Copy of tenement rate receipt (if occupied) or Land Use Charge

o Cover letter addressed to executive secretary LUAC, stating all documents attached, as above and typed with applicant's address

o Acknowledgement slip from LUAC

When this is done, a letter of confirmation is issued to the Applicant with a plot and block number and the Scheme Officer processes the application for the Certificate of Occupancy, signs off on the file and forwards the files to the Executive Secretary of LUAC.

This takes a period of five days. After this, the Surveyor General provides Scheme Officer with digitized survey which is processed for two days. The Executive Secretary LUAC approves processing and signs letter of allocation.

He signs off on the file and sends the file to the Senior Special Assistant to His Excellency on Lands. He or she then vets the entire file and sends it with a covering memo to the Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau.

However, if the file has a query, the message is relayed back by notification. This process takes two days also. When the Permanent Secretary is done, he signs off the memo and sends the file to His Excellency who approves and electronically signs the Certificate of Occupancy. these two processes takes a period of four days and should the file have a query, message is relayed back by notification.

Upon approval and signing of the Certificate of Occupancy by His Excellency, He signs off and sends it to the Deputy Registrar for further processing. The Deputy Registrar processes the file further, signs off and sends it to Registrar of Titles for final registration.

The Registrar of Titles then registers the Certificate of Occupancy, signs off and request for its printing. These processes take a total of five days. Altogether, the total process adds to a period of 21days.

It is worthy of note that in these 21 days, the application is advertised to attract objection or no objections before it is processed.

Kind of tedious wouldn’t you say? That’s why Realty Point is here to take the stress off you!

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