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Invitation to Partner With Me In Business
February 24, 2014

I’m inviting you to be my partner in the Kedi Business Opportunity. I've the experience and passion to Mentor and teach you on how you can work from home doing the business part time or full time successfully.

For the month of February I need 5 people that have N2,500 to register for the business & I will invest N39,500 in their business to buy the products and move them to Star 3. Why I'm doing this?

The way the business works, if you move to star 3 I also move forward in the business. It's a win win deal.

What's in it for you when you get to star 3?

* 20% retail profit on all direct personal sales

* 20% bonus on Direct Down line (Direct Bonus)

* 0-15% bonus on In- Direct

In addition to upgrading you to star 3, based on the current promo by the company you get one Golden Six product, selling price N2,360.

For better understanding let me elaborate on the business opportunity and the Golden Six health product.

Understanding the Kedi Business

The business allows you to leverage on other entrepreneurs skill and resources morally. For you to be financially comfortable with the present economy, you need a business that allows you to harness many peoples’ time, their skills and their ideas to be successful.

No wonder the late billionaire, Paul Getty said, he prefer to earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of his own effort. That statement makes sense if we consider that we have a maximum of 24 hours a day, which limit the amount of work you can do alone to make abundant wealth.

Kedi is the best small business ideas for you since you are not a billionaire like Alhaji Aliko Dangote, who can afford to employ thousands of people to keep working for him 24 hours a day non- stop.

Below are reasons why I said it's the best business opportunity you can do and is better than owning a franchise:

1. The Company is well capitalized to provide you a life time business: One of the reasons I regard Kedi as the best business for you is because they have Research and Development in China and also invested factory in Africa. As part of their overall strategy to build a formidable force in the field of life sciences, they have finalized plans to form a strategic alliance with Fidson Health Care Plc, operating under a single corporate structure “AOBO-KEDI Pharmaceutical Limited.”

2. Genuine need for their products: The Company has natural herbal products, which fill a real need in our society. The products have no side effects and there are testimonies about the efficacy of all their products.

3. No experience is required to start the business: You don’t need experience to start the business. The Company will provide you the opportunity for personal and business development. Kedi has a training system with experienced trainers including Chinese Medical Consultants.

4. Easy to start and no monthly purchase pressure: You register for the business with only N2,500, which is for your ID card and educative manuals. You are expected to purchase products worth N39,500 at your convenience.

5. Easy to earn immediate income: It’s easy to earn immediate income because the products are in high demand. After your registration, you are qualified to enjoy 20% retail profit from the business. As you purchase products, you accumulate point values for yourself. As your point increases so does your status.

6. Financial Freedom: Your commitment to the business will give you financial freedom. Kedi is the best business for you because it allows you to keep earning income month after month; year after year from the work you have done once. Unlike linear income, which is a direct result of the hours you put into your business. If you don’t work, you earn nothing. Successful entrepreneurs don’t invest time and resources on linear income.

Golden Six is registered by NAFDAC and hundred percent herbal. It cure, prevent and restore the following ailment:

• Back pain due to the kidney Yin insufficiency and Rheumatoid arthritis (pain in joints). • Insomnia (in ability to sleep) and senility (slacking up of memory). • Golden six product is reported consistently effective in the treatment of diabetes of over 90% patients of which most have the blood sugar levels returned to normal. It also improves function of pancreas and kidney.

• Geriatric disease (disease due to old age) and premature aging.
• Dizziness and faint vision.
• Menopausal syndrome; the symptoms of hectic fever, hot flush, sweating, palpitation, sweating, insomnia were significantly improved and inappetency (inability to eat).
• Stroke sequel (physiological consequence of stroke) and its syndrome (hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of the body), deflection of mouth etc.
• Fatigue: It overcome fatigue. For instance, with present civilization, people suffer from work stress and pressures, exhaustion, fainting, loss of appetite, insomnia, nervousness, hypomnesia etc.
• The product also boosts immune system.
• Anti-age.
• Lower blood sugar, lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, smoothens the nerves and improve the functions of kidney. • Soreness of the waist and leg.
• Hypertension and high blood sugar and fat.
• Tumor and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate).
• Boost immune system and smoothes nerve.
• Improves sexual performance and fertility.

Below are steps you must take now to register and become a distributor to Kedi Healthcare:

Step 1: Pay a onetime registration fee of N2,500 into either of these accounts:

Bank: First Bank Plc

Account Name: Oruku Consultancy Services

Account Number: 2015792963


Bank: GTBank Plc

Account Name: Oruku Olabode

Account Number: 110- 0002766811

Step 2: After payment text the following information to phone number 08033205456:

* The teller number and the amount paid.

* Your full name for your registration.

* Your phone number.

* Your address along with state. The information will help us refer you to the nearest Kedi store in your area to get your Kit, training.

For your financial freedom in the business, the company expect you to buy products worth N39,500 at once or at your convenience. That way, you experience the efficacy of the products and gain conviction to recommend the products and refer others to the business opportunity.

After I confirmed your payment and received the information, I will process your registration and text you the Kedi store to get your Kits and training or send your kit through transporters to you.

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

Free Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Check Up and Health Consultation on Our Training Days!

Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays
Time: 10.00 am
Text your full name and the message “Free health check up” to phone: 08033205456 for reservation of seat and info on venue location.

Free Seminar: How To Become A Distributor To An International Food Supplement Company

• Earn over N100,000 monthly
• A brand new car
• A new house
• Free continuous training and mentoring

For more information call/text: 2348033205456 Or Click Here to See More.

Free Seminar on How To Be A Property Investor With No Money From Your Pocket

Venue: Prime Exchange Limited, 3rd Floor, Onigbago House, 29, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, By Abule Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos.

Time & Day: Wednesday is 3pm and Friday is 1pm

Invitation: From Olabode Oruku, 08033205456

Remember this quote from Abraham Lincoln: "Things Come To Those Who Wait, But Only Those Things Left By Those Who Hustle".

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