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Invest Now and Have Reason to Smile Later
April 16, 2013

One real estate land you can invest and have reason to smile later is City Garden Estate.

The land is free from every known Government acquisition. The size per plot is 648 square meters; 60ft by 120ft square meters, or 18 meters by 36 meters. The company behind it is TWO ACE NIGERIA Limited.

The road to the estate is very motorable and accessible even at the peak of the raining season.


City Garden Estate is real estate land for sale and is located at Alapoti/Ota after Crawford University, near Agbara, Ota/Odo, Odo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The city garden estate is link to the ongoing 10 lane Lagos-badagry expressway road, Agbara road Lusada, Idiroko road, Alapoti road. Strategically located land in Ogun State.

· It’s 15 minutes drive from Cannan Land

· 10 minutes drive from Atan

· 15 minutes drive from Alaba International market

· 15 minutes drive from Lagos Trade Fair Complex

· 25 minutes drive from Festac town/Mile 2

· 15 minutes drive from Lagos State University

· 5 minutes drive from Agbara Industrial Estate

· 15 minutes drive from Badagry

· 35 minutes drive from Sango Toll Gate

· 15 minutes drive from Agbara linking to 10 lanes Lagos – Badagry Expressway under reconstruction.

Neighbourhood to the Estate


· Unilever Agbara

· Nestle Plc Agbara

· Vitamalt

· Evans Pharmaceutical

· Glaxo Smith, Agbara

· Flour Mill Plc

· New China Town



· Crawford University

· The Bell University of Technology

· Covenant University

· Land International School

· Gateway City Polytechnic

Other Estates

· Agbara Estate

· Opic Estate

· Nepa Cooperative Estate

· Royal Palm Estate

· BUA Sugar Coperative Estate

· Queens Land Estate

Developer to City Garden Estate is Two Ace Nigeria Limited (RC: 1029228)


The price is N400 per plot payable in 20 equal installment That is N20,000 every month. The cost is for limited time, excluding survey and legal document fee. Outright payment attract 10% discount.

Infrastructure To Be Provided In The Real Estate Land For Sale

TWO ACE NIGERIA Limited will provide perimeter fencing, earth road, transformer and connection to the national grid, bore hole, water supply, 24 hours security, club house, school, hall, minimarket.

Title Available For The Land

The titles available for city garden estate are survey plan & layout. The company has initiated the process of getting a C of O and approved layout plan for the estate.

Documents You Get After Payment Of The Land

After completion of payment, you get official receipts, deed of contract, letter of allocation, certificate of payment, congratulation letter from lawyer, photocopy of survey plan, deed of assignment and copy of c of o.

For more info, Click here or call/text: 2348033205456.

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

Asthma Treatment Using Cordy Active

Cordy Active product is designed for balancing the function of asthma treatment, human body,boosting immune system, anti-age, anti-fatigue and boosting vitality.

For long term usage, it’s been widely known to help you improve the diseases like nephritis, emphysema, asthma, cardiopathy, hypertension, and disable of sexual organ. Meanwhile, it can also improve the immune system.

The main ingredients are Cordyceps sinensis, Zinc-accumulated yeast, Powder of vitamin E, and carotin. Zinc-accumulated Yeast, from Canada, has high concentrated Zinc, which can protect procreation.

It’s good for eyes - vitamin E and carotin, and good antioxidants.

Cordyceps sinensis, has a rich, two thousand year history. For generations, Cordyceps sinensis has been considered the premier agent in the Chinese culture for restoring energy, promoting longevity and improving the quality of life.

Cordyceps sinensis is extremely rare, which grows primarily on the Tibetan plateau at altitudes above 14,000 feet and takes five to seven years to complete its life cycle and produce the natural product.

Due to the scarcity and high price of cordyceps sinensis, the use was reserved exclusively for the Emperor’s palace.

Traditionally, Cordyceps sinensis was so rare; it was worth more than four times its weight in silver.

It is also called caterpillar fungus because the fungus grows in moth larvae producing a caterpillar shaped mushroom.

Cordyceps became popular when record breaking performances by Chinese Olympic athletes was attributed to their use of Cordyceps sinensis supplements.

Testimony: Asthma Treatment Relieved
I experienced wonders after using Cordy Active which was introduced to me by a friend. The feeling was marvelous. For once, I stopped using my inhaler. This product is powerful! I am confident with it. - Chukwuma L.A.


• Treatment for asthma treatment , treatment for cardiopathy and hypertension.
• Treatment for coughing blood or bloody sputum caused by tuberculosis.
• Good for people desiring increased vitality.
• It promotes healthy lung function.
• It works for people with busy hectic life styles to relieve their stress.
• Good for long term uses for the elderly people over 40 years old to delay the process of aging.
• Relieves side effect of chemotherapy and actinotherapy. • Protects and nourishes prostate.
• Relieves prostatis and enforce the therapy.
• Balances the function of human body.
• Boost immune system and vitality.
• Restores energy and promotes longevity.
• Clears smoke debris from the lungs.
• Serves as anti-age, anti-fatigue and antioxidant.
• Long term usage improves disease like Nephritis (disease of nephrite), Emphysema (inability to breathe well), asthma, cardiopathy diseases e.g. tuberculosis and hypertension, disable sexual organ.

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