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Life Experience: My Birthday Message

My life experience: Today December 14th of the year 2018 is my birthday! My wish is to use this period to share my experience and life understanding with the hope that someone will learn something from it. I thank God for his grace and mercy which I have enjoyed in this wonderful earthly experiences. I have experienced good times and what we regard as a bad time, but usually, such period provides me with the tonic that compels me to move forward spiritually and materially.

According to Bernard Williams, "there was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” Being hopeful implies that I am taking action and not blaming others for my life experience predicaments.

Reflecting on my childhood days when I'd been dragged to church because of my reluctance to attend. Why? I was restless spiritually, many unanswered questions will not let me rest and my spirit never vibrate with that God that was preached in the church that our problems are caused by our enemies. Within me, I know that our creator is a merciful God and he will not allow evil doer to torment those that worship him unless is for their good.  I wonder why are we on earth, people get born, get an education, make money, get married, have children and later have to die. It doesn't make sense to me that should be our purpose on earth. There must be something beyond this material world! The search to crack the mystery persisted until I discover the answers, that's how I got the conviction to appreciate my ups and downs life experience, and strive to use the lessons to develop my inner being and make the world better in my little cycle of influence.

I believed, this earth will be a beautiful place to live if we all grasp the words of Christ when he said, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."   My understanding of this statement is for us to understand and live the laws of God or laws of nature, which hold creation and we shall enjoy material blessing and also make heaven which is the ultimate. 

This understanding has helped me to maintain a positive attitude to all life experiences, challenges, and accept responsibility. Yes, I have had many problems but my trust in my creator has made them ladders to move forward spiritually and materially.

I have learnt that the essence of life is to serve others genuinely and nature will compensate you accordingly. The real wealth is not the number of houses and vehicles you possessed but the number of lives you touch positively and the value you add to them.

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Tips to Happiness in Life Experiences

 See Problems As An Opportunity To Move Forward: As an employee, when my salary cannot take me home, rather than blame my employer, I took the bull by the horns, and resigned my appointment, trusting that God will make a way for me.

It was a step in the right direction but my mistake was not to have developed myself on a skill that will help me strive as an entrepreneur before taking that action. I had to struggle to fill the gap but I am better for that decision today. Always accept responsibility for your problems in life experiences.

Learn To Think Out Of The Box: Another life experience challenge I face as an entrepreneur is how to advertise my business with no money for that purpose. In my search using Google, I learnt that you can market your business by being a columnist to major newspapers. That idea makes sense to me. I decided to improve my writing skills and to get a mentor. As they say, let someone that has been doing successfully what you want to do to mentor you.  That was how I met Mr. Uju Onyechere, the star columnist in Nigeria. With his mentorship, hard work and my determination, I got and maintain a weekly column with Financial Standard Newspaper known as MegaBucks with many readers and do write too for Daily Independent weekly entrepreneur pages for many years.  As a popular columnist, I started attracting clients that are interested in my products and services. Get a mentor to guide you in your undertaking.

Embrace The Internet: After reading the book by Bill Gates "Business @ the Speed of Thought." All the predictions in the book have a relationship with the internet which motivated me to learn internet marketing skill to enhance my business. It was challenging for me to get a good teacher. With persistence, I stumbled on Sitesell Education website. The knowledge I acquire from them helps me to own a traffic generating website, which makes it possible for me to work from home successfully. The internet has come to stay so learn to use it to enhance your career.

Focus On Products That Serve Needs: My business struggle for many years because I did not know then the difference between needs and wants as an entrepreneur. I focus my time and resources promoting intangible products online which are not essential products to my locality. I learnt my lesson in a bitter way that your success depends on you solving people's real needs/add real value and the money will come. I experimented with real estate and herbal medicines, both are good products that are essential needs. I decided to focus on herbal medicines and supplements because my health has improved tremendously with the knowledge acquired and I have helped many clients get well and treated health challenges that were thought hopeless. I discover that I love and passionate about the business. It also earns me residual and leverage income and has open many other doors beyond my expectation. So to be a successful entrepreneur always go for products and services that are essential needs to people and not wants. This may not apply to everybody life experiences.

Be The Best In Your Industry: In the words of Edwin Moses, "I always had to keep improving my skills in order to remain competitive and keep winning." That's exactly what I strive to do every day by researching, reading related health books and attending training/seminars and applying what I am learning. Take to Ben Carson advice, “Knowledge is the key to independent living, the key to all your dreams, hopes and aspirations. If you are knowledgeable, particularly more knowledgeable than anybody else in a field, you become invaluable and write your own ticket.”

Be A Spiritual Work In Progress: The essence of why we are on earth and in the world of matter is to strive to live according to the laws of God in what we say, think and do so we can learn how to live in heaven.  Therefore, we should work daily with all our strength to be a better person every day so that one day the gate of heaven will be open to us.

I conclude my birthday life experience message with this word extracted from the Grail Message: “You earthmen are in this Creation to find supreme happiness! In the Living Language which God speaks to you! And to understand this Language, to learn it, and to sense inwardly the Will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through Creation. In Creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the purpose of your existence, and at the same time also the recognition of your goal! In no other way can you find either.

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He possessed certification from Newskills Academy, located in the United Kingdom as a Life Coach. 

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