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Are you searching for Nigeriaweb success digest information? Then take time and browse this website because we share proven information about success as it concerns you.

The information on success here will give you financial security, the best life experiences possible and how you can use herbal medicines to prevent, cure and restore health challenges.

If you say ‘Yes’ to the following questions then nigeriaweb site is for you: Do you seek financial freedom and which to spend quality time with your loved ones? Do you seek time freedom so you don’t worry about going back to work on Monday morning? Are you interested in how to increase your personal potential leadership skill and teach others how to maximize their abilities?

Do you seek proven quality herbal Chinese medicines/supplements products to bring succor, good health, and comfort to all and sundry and be compensated handsomely financially by helping others with the information? Then take the time to browse this Nigeriawebsite.  

Proven Nigeriaweb Success Digest Information

You will learn to develop the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. We update our Nigeriaweb success digest site regularly with information on success so you can learn at your own pace, gain complete control of your time and earn some extra money, or replace your current income.

As they say, health is wealth, our study and research expose you to the best Chinese herbal medicines as applicable to Nigeria. These products have no side effect, it reinforces and stimulates the body’s internal strength to cure disease and strengthen the overall health of a patient. The fact is herbal health has become an integral part of every culture.

In addition, our Nigeriaweb site enlightened you about Chinese health care massager equipment which helps bring the body’s energies back into balance, unblock the body’s meridians and allows energy to flow more smoothly within the body.

We also provides information on how the body massager stimulates the immune system by increasing the flow of energy, which reduces stress and increases healing.  Nigeriaweb success digest site explains how the massage equipment softens the tissues in the body, which can increase muscle tone, and relax painful, knotted muscles and ligaments.

With the application of the Nigeriaweb information about success, you can work smart and grow your business no matter the condition of the Nigerian economy. Your business grows with any government policy, changes in tax laws, electricity problems, economy recession, etc.

We do not promise a get-rich solution to business problems. But we stand on the conviction that applied knowledge, with persistence and determination bring success at last to any person.

You may be wondering who I am and why I'm delighted to be sharing extremely Nigeriaweb information on success with you on a continuous basis?

I'm Olabode Oruku, Chief Executive Officer of Oruku Consultancy Services. The company offers proven business ideas and marketing consultancy services to entrepreneurs.

I resigned as the assistant data processing manager of a renowned publishing firm in Nigeria over 10 years ago. I have dabbled into several kinds of small businesses in Nigeria. In this entrepreneurship journey, I have experienced poverty and wealth. I now know that to be rich is better and have learned what work and does not work in the business terrain. That is why I strive to provide you information on success to gain financial freedom and be healthy.

I have been a columnist for major newspapers in Nigeria for over 10 years and usually share business ideas that lead to success on a radio - entrepreneurship programs. Presently, a Chinese herbal health consultant, helping people to prevent, cure and restore health.

From the aforementioned, you will see that I am always passionate sharing success ideas to helping objective people live their dreams.

So, I will do my very best to exceed your expectations. You should expect amazing, authentic and fresh Nigeriaweb success information on this site to justify every second you stay on it.

Kedi Business Opportunity: Testimonies

Nigeriaweb Testimony 1

The church was so poor that we could not afford the money for registration.But today members of the Church are helping others get well and making real money. I built a Mission house through bonuses earned from the business and bought the Archdiocesan Vehicle as well all within four years. By June 2014, I got my official Vehicle through Kedi  again.  It's the Lord's doing and marvelous in our eyes. -  Archbishop Anthony Macfonse Osmond

Nigeriaweb Testimony 2

I borrowed money to join the Kedi business opportunity since I cannot afford it. From somebody who could barely afford a recharge card of N200 to someone riding on his third car this time with an attractive monthly bonus. - Franklin Nwabueze Nsirimobi  

Nigeriaweb Testimony 3

Within few years in the business, life is getting better. I was awarded a brand Toyota Camry Car in the year 2012. I’m presently living in a duplex in an exclusive residential estate and a posh office in the heart of Ikeja business district.  I qualified for two new cars in the year 2016. - Matthew Akhigbe – Alufua

Testimony 4

Today, I’m enjoying financial freedom, fame, and control my time. With this business, I have built my dream house, bought my dream cars and traveled around the world. I have been privileged to spend holidays in China, Malasia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Dubai, America, and Singapore. - Sunny Ojiaku

Testimony 5

As it is in every good thing in life, the beginning of the business was challenging since my monthly bonus was minimal. But with persistence and mentoring from people doing well in the business I am now financially comfortable. I live in a self-contained apartment and can afford the basic needs of life. I am one of the 74 awardees that got a brand new car from Kedi on June 21st, 2014.  - Destiny Oroyevwe

Testimony 6

The business is stress-free because it sells itself. For instance, my clients get healed from the use of the herbal food supplements and are happy to refer more clients to me. My team members that are committed earn tangible bonuses every month. That way, I become a unit of wealth distribution and we work together and are achieving more. - Mrs Omolu Ifeoma

Testimony 7

Solace Michael

Before I joined Kedi business in 2006, I was very poor and hawking to survive. I could hardly save, my children were always getting sick and admitted in the hospital. Then my eldest brother came in contact with Kedi and introduced the business to me. The business has been a blessing to me and my household health wise and financially. My children no longer fall sick, I'm able to take care of their financial needs, awarded a car and live in my house. The efficacy of Kedi herbal products provides me the opportunity to help many people get well and to gain financial freedom.

-    Solace Michael

Testimony 8

Kolawole Ismail

I counted myself lucky to join the Kedi business 2 years after I have rejected the same opportunity offer as a result of bad experiences in previous network marketing business.  Since I started the business my life has been transformed positively. I have benefitted from the car award twice and an international travel award to Georgia, Turkey, Ghana, and Dubai.

Today, I am happy, not because of what I have gotten through kedi, but because I have been able to touch people’s lives positively through kedi wonderful products and unmatchable compensation plan which guarantee success.

-    Kolawole Ismail

Testimony 9

As a youth, I have been looking for a business opportunity to be my own boss and earn good money and joined Kedi business in 2015. With dedication, I qualify for a car in one year and have been able to bring joy to more than fifteen families who had difficulties in bearing children. I have touched so many lives in just two years, this is because kedi have one of the best compensation plan and products that are curative in nature. Kedi has changed my life for good.

-    Miss Josephine Oko

Testimony 10

I joined Kedi business in 2006 and my first bonus pay check was N75,000, I was shocked and thought it was sent to my account in error. The following month my bonus pay was N90,000 and in the third month, I was given a bonus of N150,000. Between the year 2006 and 2009, I was the first kedi distributor to be awarded 3 brand new cars in a day for my loyalty and hard work.

-    Emmanuel Anyaku

Testimony 11

I am a star 8 consultant with Kedi Healthcare Nigeria. I am from Uyo local government area in Akwa Ibom State. I joined Kedi in 2006 with great anxiety to survive, but to my greatest surprise, I saw myself with a tear rubber kedi car within the space of my three years in the business. I earn money in the business that changes my life status.

Kedi products helped me from the fatal accident I had in 2012 that almost crippled me. All I did was to use Kedi products, indeed the efficacy of the products is sure and very reliable and what I can say at this point is that indeed kedi is the partner to trust.

-    Mercy B. Udoh 

Testimony 12

I resigned my job to start Kedi business in the year 2012 for a promising future on what I assumed to be risky then. This is because as an accountant in an auditing firm, I strive but could not see progress in my input, and worked in fear of losing job anytime. Although, in my two months in Kedi I was not earning money, I was not deterred in my effort to succeed in the business because I have seen people I know that have moved from rag to wealth in the business. With persistence, the business became real and was awarded a Toyota Jeep, and now enjoy time and financial freedom.

- Nsirimobi Kingsley

Nigeriaweb Testimony 13

I was a manager in an MLM company before joining Kedi Healthcare in 2009. I was introduced to Kedi by Sister Ann Onyekaomelu who gave me Golden Six which I used to treat my mother of hypertension.  Since November 2009 that I started Kedi, my family changed both financially and health wise. At my Centre, we have helped people to overcome their health challenges.

In 2012 I became a star 8 consultant in Kedi and was rewarded with a highlander Jeep. In 2014 a Lexus Jeep was given to my husband, in 2016 again two of my downlines Nnosham Nichodemus and Mary Jane Innocent were given cars of their choices in that same 2016. I rose up to the status of 1st manager and was heavily rewarded by Kedi management in cash and travel ticket to Singapore.

By 2018 I hope to upgrade to 2nd-star manager to qualify for the house award and training of my child abroad. Kedi is really the partner we trust because whatever they promise to do, they do it.

Their products are highly efficacious and the best of all. Kedi has eradicated poverty in many homes as our members smile to different banks with their cheques to cash their mouth watering bonuses.

-    Mrs. Egbeada Florence

Nigeriaweb Testimony 14

I thank God for connecting me divinely to Kedi Healthcare. I have never heard of any Multi-level marketing before nor Kedi company. But a faithful day, after closing from work as usual while trekking home due to the absence of money back then. I met a lady on the way holding a book which I am curious to read and requested it from the lady.

Upon request, the lady replied and said we are talking about money not reading. After series of questions, she took me to Kedi office in Warri where I met my mentor Dr. Joseph Akpile who enlightened me on the business.

I joined Kedi healthcare in the year 2012 and I started advertising and registering new downlines which made me earn an initial bonus of N15,600. The bonus motivated me to be more serious in the business. I discovered I was making progress financially and I wished I had known Kedi earlier. I worked hard and grew to a star 6 consultant in 2014.

Luckily for me a promo to travel to United Arab Emirate (U.A.E.) was on and God made it possible my name was among the international travel awardee and 31 of us traveled to Dubai with all expenses paid by Kedi Healthcare.

Glory to God almighty I was also awarded a brand new car free from Kedi healthcare in 2016. Indeed Kedi Healthcare is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

-    Emmanuel Kejirovwo

Nigeriaweb Testimony 15

Sam Bassey

I am a native of Akwa Ibom State. Prior to this time, I was working with an industrial company where oxygen and medical gas was produced. I was infected with the chemical waste, and in search for a solution to regain back my health.

I got in contact with Kedi Healthcare through the help of my wife. At first, I saw it as another drug out there but after using it, my health was finally restored. I later discover that the efficacy of Kedi medicine is nothing to be compared to others out there.

One day I sat down with my wife and told her I want to partner with Kedi Healthcare, and since I took the decision, money kept on coming in. I have been able to help so many people who are having health issues all over Nigeria, and testimonies abound about health and wealth.

Kudos to Kedi Healthcare! Today I’m a Star 8 consultant. I can now sleep well and comfortably pay my children school fees and also assist other people around me. Through Kedi I have been able to get a brand new car and landed property.

-    Sam Bassey

Nigeriaweb Testimony 16

I’m a star 7 car awardee, popularly called “Baba Raji”. I joined Kedi in Zaria at the tail end of 2013. I started the business fully in the following year of 2014 and became car awardee June 2016 in Lagos. I use my wealth of experience to build a very formidable network with Kedi.

I have used Kedi products to solve some health challenges of people around and the same time created a business opportunity for myself and others. I am a crowd pillar everywhere I go. I am already knocking on the door of the prestigious star 8 position before the end of this year God’s willing.

The secret of my success is I remain focus and I don’t jump from one network to another. I don’t give up at the age of 74 and still waxing stronger. I am a great pillar and great motivator as kedi is concerned in the north. I salute Kedi my best business partner. I am retired but not tired.

-          Abdulrahim Raji

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The 4 Options To Buy Kedi Herbal Products Or Open A Membership Account With N4,000 and enjoy members benefits are:

1.    If you’re in Lagos Call/Text 2348033205456 for our office address 

2.    People outside Lagos should Call/Text 2348033205456 for the address of Kedi Service Centre in their states and buy products and enjoy member prices using Kedi No: KN205898 and Names: Olabode Oruku

3.    If you want dispatch riders to deliver products to your house address within Lagos State for between N500 to N1,500 which depends on your location, Call/Text 2348033205456.

4.    We deliver products to outside Lagos with either Courier Companies or Transporters for a cost between N1,000 to N2,500.

Olabode Oruku is a Chinese herbal health consultant and the chief executive officer of Oruku Consultancy Services. The company offers proven business idea, online and offline marketing consultancy services to small business owners.

You can reach me on mobile phone 08033205456, 08121325411 or  Click Here To Send A Mail.

We strive to provide success information on this website that adds value to YOU in all aspect of life.

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P.S. We do recommend detoxification of the body system before any treatment to enhance result. The supplements for detoxification generally are Colon Cleanse tea, Constilease, Gastrifort, Refresh tea and Qinghao.

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