Kedi Network Marketing success Interview with Abimbola

Network marketing success: The task of becoming one of the best among compatriots is the most demanding factor why life is always viewed as survival of the fittest but to some people God has made life easy for human being especially if one is guided with principles, focus and determined in whatever potential that he or she is committed to.

To Mr. Babalola Abimbola, the owner of Kedi service centre 008 and the best sales service centre for the month of December 2012, believe that life is simply hard works and focus.

In this six minutes congratulatory with the man who many would have thought is silent in kedi business has yet, becomes a strategy for his success.

He spoke exclusively on how focus and products identification has given him edge in his networking business and others of his success. Enjoy yourself with him.

Kedi 7th Anniversary Celebration

Network Marketing Success Interview With Babalola Abimbola

KEDInews: Sir, we want to congratulate you for been the best service centre for the month of December.

Abimbola: Thank you.

KEDInews: What is responsible for this network marketing success you have recorded sir?

Abimbola: Well! Hard work and focus, these are the two things; and of course, customer service.

KEDInews: When you said hard work what do you mean?

Abimbola: What I mean is that you make sure your customers have what they need at the right time instead of giving them excuses which are not relevant and may also draw the business back and  also discipline in accounting of the business.

This will also enable someone to restore back what the people want if they’re not available.

KEDInews: Some of your colleagues in Kedi business has most times argued that you’re too quiet in networking business and yet, you don’t compromise network marketing success, don’t you think there’s something they can learn from you and your experience?

Abimbola: Eh…Well! What they need to learn is to remain focused in one particular place, you know many people jump from one network to another without much to show for it, and that is why some are jack of all trades but if you devote your time to learn a particular thing you will eventually become expert in such thing and achieve network marketing success.

In fact, the result of someone who does one thing with vigor and determination is always different from somebody moving from pillar to post.

KEDInews: When you talk about been focus, what kind of advise do you have for your fellow distributors?

Abimbola: Yes, to achieve network marketing success they should be focused, it helps a lot, it is always difficult in network business when you ask people to put their eggs in a single basket they get afraid easily but in network marketing you cannot be black today and be white tomorrow. Distributors should be known for something basically, one cannot continue to be a rolling stone. The result may not come one day.

KEDInews: When did you identify with Kedi sir and what day can you describe as your memorable day in the business?

Abimbola: Yes, well, I joined this Kedi business late 2006 and for me I cannot say any day is not memorable for me in the business, every day since I joined, Kedi is beautiful and memorable day because more achievement is being recorded every day.

KEDInews: What kind of advice do you have for the partner you trust “Kedi healthcare”?

Abimbola: Well!  With Kedi new marketing drives of promotions I know basically there’re improvement and if you ask me to take or chose between Kedi of then and now I think I will prefer or chose Kedi of now because things are now getting better and I urge them to keep it up.

KEDInews: Thank you sir for your time.

Abimbola: Thank you, I appreciate.

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