Should You Consider Self Employment?

Self employment meaning: It refers to being one’s own employer – your own boss – rather than relying on someone else to employ you to work for him in his own business. There has been an increasing call for entrepreneurship in the country, given what many people prefer to call the deplorable state of the labour market.

If you happen to be out of work, you are probably asking yourself whether you should consider your own business or continue waiting for the right job to come your way. The information presented here should help you in making the right decision.

The Employment Situation

It will be right to say Nigeria currently has a terrible unemployment situation in need of solution. There are hundreds of thousands young people in the country who are either under-employed or completely unemployed.

On top of this, higher institutions of learning churn out graduates into the labour market every year. The sad thing here is that the system of education in Nigeria places less emphasis on self employment, but more on preparing people for jobs which do not seem readily available.

Those lucky enough to have a job also have their own problems to deal with. Many have to make do with meagre salaries. It is also not uncommon to hear of workers being owed salaries for several months by employers, including government.

Many workers were not even paid their salaries during the last end-of-the-year festive period. Employees, especially those in private, non-unionized establishments, are often reluctant to protest for better treatment to demand for better treatment for fear of being given the sack.

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Self Employment in Nigeria

The unemployment situation in Nigeria often leads to those looking for work being advised to become self-employed. There are benefits for self employed, but capital is usually an issue. Imagine a fresh, unemployed graduate being asked for collateral security to access loans, where will he get that from? Little wonder then that many of such sometimes end up riding commercial motorcycles (okadas), which could put them in harm’s way.

Small business owners are also having it rough with irregular power supply and high taxation, amongst other issues. Some of these businesses are often forced to pack up due to the challenges of doing business in Nigeria.

Becoming Self-Employed through Network Marketing

It is not completely impossible to get yourself gainfully employed with little capital. Network marketing offers you a ray of hope. This is a marketing arrangement which will involve you selling merchandise and being paid commissions for sales made while you remain your own boss.

And earning does not stop there. You can also make extra money by sponsoring or introducing new distributors to the business. Here are few of the benefits for self employed with network marketing.

No office - One of the main appeals of network marketing is that you do not need an office to start making money. This saves you money on rent. You also do not require employees to start.

High income potential - In addition to commissions from sales, you stand to make residual income from efforts made by those you sponsor (your downlines). These can add up significantly to surpass what you can earn working for someone else.

Freedom - With network marketing, you can decide how much you want to work. You are not restricted to fixed work hours like an average employee would.

Entrepreneurship is obviously not an easy thing in Nigeria without access to significant capital. Network marketing offers a less capital intensive means to become self-employed.

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Be your own boss ideas? Sometimes, you think in retrospect and realize you have spent a significant number of irredeemable years sharecropping on someone else’s land with little or nothing to show for it.

Business ideas with low investment information is important because access to capital remains one of the biggest challenges to self employment in this part of the world. 

Careers in NigeriaThe issue concerning careers in Nigeria is an important topic that should interest you either as a parent, graduate and undergraduate. It has been pointed out by several human resources managers that Nigeria educational system is producing low quality graduates that are not meeting the expectation of most companies.

Cooperative Society in NigeriaIf you are searching for cooperative to join I will recommend Prime Investors Network Cooperative Multipurpose Society (PINCMS), which is registered with the appropriate Government supervisory body. Why am I doing so?  I have benefitted immensely as a member of the multi purpose society since I joined over four years ago. 

Good business ideas are what you need if you are considering starting a business in a harsh economy. Starting a business is the proven path to wealth and success. The courage to leave the rat race and click the right business is the secret behind some of the richest people in the world today. Taking this action will attract you to the company of highly successful businessmen.

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Residual business information is important when we consider that for most people, the struggle to earn an income is a very tedious one of working to make ends meet. While for the few who have built a sustainable system for making residual income, earnings flow in effortlessly.

Self Employed: The rate of unemployment in our society today is really alarming, with over 16.5% of our total population being jobless  and situation gets bleaker with the thousands of job seekers that pour in from the universities, colleges and vocational institutions every year.

New Business Ideas: If you are searching for self employment in Nigeria, you must understand that starting a business is not always an easy one. Often there are bureaucratic hurdles and lack of know-how that keeps people with a business idea from taking a step into self-employment. 

Unemployment in Nigeria As an unemployed or under-employed Nigerian, you can eliminate unemployment in Nigeria by starting an internet business that will gradually become your source of income. But it will require some efforts and resources, but it’s one of the best options with the present economy recession. 

Employment Opportunities in Nigeria One of the ways to create employment opportunities in Nigeria is to become an online consultant. Who is an online consultant? An online consultant is someone who provides specialized service or advice to others who might need it on the internet. 

Jobs in Nigeria As more people are going to the internet daily, it’s now possible to create jobs in Nigeria for writers. How do we go about it? That’s the information I will be sharing with you in this article. So if you can write interesting and valuable content, then you will get some ideas here to earn income from the internet. 

Jobs Today in Nigeria: My proffer solution is to take a clue from the America economy by learning to build a home business jobs in Nigeria based on the course you learnt/learning in the university. It does not matter whether you are a lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc., with the internet you can build a successful home business based on your profession and earning multiple streams of income. 

job opportunities in NigeriaWe share information for the benefits of people seeking employment.The information here will also be helpful to business people looking for credible people to recruit to their respective organizations.

Self-empowerment Ideas: Job search in Nigeria is not an enjoyable experience a bit. It then becomes understandable why many people are now interested in self employment jobs. Are you currently considering self employment? If yes, I congratulate you for taking the bold step to be your own boss.

Advantages When You Are Your Own Boss: Perhaps, you are currently battling with unemployment and you are looking for a way out of the unpleasant situation. But have you ever considered becoming self-employed? If you have not, you should start looking into the possibility of employing yourself, even if you already have a job.

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