Proven Business To Do In Nigeria With N75,000 Or Less

If you are searching for proven business to do in Nigeria with N75,000 or less, I will recommend Multi-level marketing (MLM)business opportunity. This is a form of marketing in the context of a dynamic network.

 In MLM, a company sells its products through one or more intermediaries to the final customer. It assigns a license to other companies to distribute its products. In this way, variety of goods will be brought to the end user, be it health therapeutic products and cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, kitchen items, textiles or animal food. 

Most small business owners these days generate a lot of money worldwide using this channel.

Similar to the Direct Sales, MLM relies on the trusting recommendation, that is, the licensee advises and informs potential customers about the product on offer. Unlike the direct sales, intermediaries are however not employees of the licensor, but independent and responsible sales partner. 

They do not receive a fixed salary from the company, but they are funded by investments. In principle, there are two major advantages of multi-level networking that makes it the best business to do in Nigeria: The retail margin in the form of a commission on the successful sale of products and a bonus for creating a distribution system.

It should be noted that the mere recruitment of a Distributor is not financially rewarded, but only the result or profits from the sales is rewarded.

This form of distribution has the following advantages for a company: The growing network will ensure a high market penetration. 

The principle of personal recommendation not only saves costs for advertising, but also increases the probability of purchase, as the personal approach is based on a relationship of trust. 

In addition, the company maintains its fixed low costs because the commissions are performance-related. The distributor provides the opportunity to establish a self-cost and low risk sale of the product. 

The advantages that make it the proven business to do in Nigeria

Here are some general advantages that make it the proven business to do in Nigeria, and there are also personal reasons why many people start it:

  • You are your own boss!
  •  They have no capital risk: there are rarely significant investments required (what you want to invest voluntarily is your choice)! If you are one of the person asking what business can i do with 75 000 naira, this is it.
  • The business is independent of education and training! That is, education is not a criterion to join the business.
  • This business opportunity can be done from home; you certainly do not require an office or retail store! This is one of the reasons why it’s regarded the best business to do in Nigeria.
  • You can start immediately and you will learn the business while you make money already!
  • All of your employees are independent partners, not employees!
  • Your business is expandable: Your team can be so large and grow for as long as you want!
  • Works on the principle of performance: therefore also very high incomes are possible!
  • You have an absolutely flexible scheduling!
  • You can have a family-friendly work: together with your partner, family, and after a certain age even with your kids!
  • You can purchase high quality products at wholesale prices!
  • You can find new friends!
  • The more knowledge you acquire and pass on to your team members, the better your own earning potential will be!
  •  The larger your team is, the higher the income!

Getting into the Multi-level network marketing is the best choice for any business owner.

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Olabode Oruku is the chief executive officer of Oruku Consultancy Services. The company offers proven business idea, online and offline marketing consultancy services to small business owners.

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