Understanding Christian Marriage

Christian Marriage as an institute is as old as the man in history, the concept of marriage is for couples to support each others materially and spiritual with the goal of making it to God’s kingdom. It is coming together of mature man and woman with the understanding of living with love.

God established marriage for mankind, for the essence of support, togetherness, legality for sex, love, guideline, reproduction and dominion. God cannot make a mistake not even in establishing marriage.

After a man picks interest in a lady or verse visa, friendship begins  as boyfriend and girlfriend, to save themselves from sexual sin, such a Christian dating is expected to lead to marriage in God’s established way before they both start living as husband and wife or starting a family.

What is Christian marriage?

From the simple question, we can pick out two important words for a proper understanding of what Christian marriage mean in simple term.

A Christian is a follower of Christ and its gospel while ‘’marriage’’ is a union or coming together of two adults “a male and a female” with the purpose of starting a family.

Therefore, Christian marriage is a conjugal relationship/ union/partnership between a brother and a sister from the Christian fold who are both mentally, financially and spiritually matured for living together as husband and wife and starting a family.

Marriage is a blessing from God and a holy institution that takes care of devil’s device in using sex to destroy destinies through the sexual sin and sexual immoralities with eventual separation from God’s kingdom. the most important thing in marriage is to give God the glory

Because of the importance (NEED AND URGE) and the nature of sex, marriage is very important for Christians and it must be done with purity.

Christian relationships involve a public gathering approval and acceptance of all after the couple had gone through series of counselling for a period of time, the presiding minister will make both bride and groom(where the bride will be in white gown a sign of purity) to take oath of their union before the guests and assure the people that they will love each other till death do them apart. "Therefore, what God has joined together,let not man separate"(Mark 10.9).

in a Christian relationships, it is clearly stated that: the husband must agree with the biblical teaching that both are life partnership and be ready to assume the responsibilities of being the head of his wife, honour her, love her and provide for his home (Genesis 3.16; 1 Corinthians 11.3; 1 Peter 3.6)

The wife must be willing to submit herself to her husband in all things (Ephesians 5.22-24) gladly, joyfully respectfully. She must be willing to behave in a chaste and respectful manner, She must be willing to express in her behavior a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3.1-6). She needs to fulfill her duty to her husband and must not deny him sex (1 Corinthians 7.3).

A Christian marriage does not encourage divorce while they work together on earth, their first priority is to reign with the lord in His kingdom.

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