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How to Enjoy Good Health and Wealth in Nigeria

olabode-orukuOlabode Oruku (MegaBucks)

If you are searching for proven health and wealth information in Nigeria, this website is for you. You will learn proven ways to gain financial freedom and use herbal medicines to prevent and restore health challenges.

Proven Health and Wealth Information

You will learn to develop the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. We update our health and success site regularly with information so you can learn at your own pace, gain complete control of your time and earn some extra money, or replace your current income.

As they say, health is wealth, our study and research expose you to the best Nigeria and Chinese herbal medicines. These products have no side effect; it reinforces and stimulates the body's internal strength to treat disease and strengthen the overall health of a patient. The fact is that herbal health has become an integral part of every culture.

Besides, our health and wealth site enlightened you about Chinese health care massage equipment which helps bring the body's energies back into balance, unblock the body's meridians and allows energy to flow more smoothly within the body.

Nigeria web success digest site explains how the massage equipment softens the tissues in the body, increase muscle tone, and relax painfully knotted muscles and ligaments.

With the application of the Nigeria web information about success, you can work smart and grow your business no matter the condition of the Nigeria economy. Your business grows with any government policy, changes in tax laws, electricity problems, economic recession, others.

We do not promise a get-rich-quick business solution. But we stand on the conviction that applied knowledge, with persistence and determination, brings success at last to any person.

You may be wondering who I am and why I'm delighted to be sharing extremely Nigeria web information on health and success with you continuously.

My name is Olabode Oruku, Chief Executive Officer of Oruku Alternative Healthcare. The company offers nutritional and natural health care consultation services, am a negative belief clearing practitioner and a personal life coach.

I have acquired traditional medical knowledge from Optimum Natures Care which is affiliated to Atamatale Traditional Medicine Centre and licensed to practice by Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board.

I have certification as a Life Coach by Newskills Academy, located in the United Kingdom. 

I also have certification by SiteSell Education based in Canada to teach a brand new continuing education course called "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet." 

I am a health consultant to Kedi Healthcare, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industries Company located in Hong Kong, China. It is a giant conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China. Its subsidiaries include Kedi Healthcare Industries (Nigeria) LTD, Kedi Healthcare Industries (Ghana) LTD, a joint venture company with AOBO Pharmaceuticals Group and Fidson Pharmaceutical Plc.

From those mentioned above, you will see that I am always passionate about sharing health and wealth tips and helping objective people live their dreams.

So, I will do my very best to exceed your expectations. You should expect unique, authentic and fresh health and wealth information on this site to justify every second you stay on it.

Kedi Healthcare on Health and Wealth

In my journey as a nutritional and natural health care consultant, I stumbled on Kedi Healthcare which has been in Nigeria since 18th June 2006 and offers the African market a wide range of healthcare and longevity products. Their products are promoted and marketed using direct marketing through a network of independent distributors.

Like many others, I have benefited immensely from their products and the business opportunity. Since I desire to share proven information on health and wealth with you, I listed below testimonies from other people on how Kedi healthcare has been beneficial to them. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Kedi Business Opportunity: Testimonies on Health and Wealth

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 1

Archbishop Anthony Macfonse Osmond

The church was so poor that we could not afford the money for registration. But today members of the Church are helping others get well and making real money. I built a Mission house through bonuses earned from the business and bought the Archdiocesan Vehicle as well all within four years. By June 2014, I got my official Vehicle through Kedi  again.  It's the Lord's doing and marvelous in our eyes. -  Archbishop Anthony Macfonse Osmond

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 2

Franklin Nwabueze NsirimobiFranklin Nwabueze Nsirimobi

I borrowed money to join the Kedi health and wealth business opportunity since I cannot afford it. From somebody who could barely afford a recharge card of N200 to someone riding on his third car this time with an attractive monthly bonus. - Franklin Nwabueze Nsirimobi  

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 3

Matthew Akhigbe – AlufuaMatthew Akhigbe – Alufua

Within few years in the Kedi herbal life business, life is getting better. I was awarded a brand Toyota Camry Car in the year 2012. I’m presently living in a duplex in an exclusive residential estate and a posh office in the heart of Ikeja business district.  I qualified for two new cars in the year 2016. - Matthew Akhigbe – Alufua

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 4

Sunny OjiakuSunny Ojiaku

Today, I’m enjoying health and success, fame, and control my time. With this business, I have built my dream house, bought my dream cars and traveled around the world. I have been privileged to spend holidays in China, Malasia, United Kingdom, Kenya, Dubai, America, and Singapore. - Sunny Ojiaku

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 5

Destiny OroyevweDestiny Oroyevwe

As it is in every good thing in life, the beginning of the health and wealth business was challenging since my monthly bonus was minimal. But with persistence and mentoring from people doing well in the business I am now financially comfortable. I live in a self-contained apartment and can afford the basic needs of life. I am one of the 74 awardees that got a brand new car from Kedi on June 21st, 2014.  - Destiny Oroyevwe

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 6

Mrs Omolu IfeomaMrs Omolu Ifeoma

The health and wealth business is stress-free because it sells itself. For instance, my clients get their health restored from the use of the herbal food supplements and are happy to refer more clients to me. My team members that are committed earn tangible bonuses every month. That way, I become a unit of wealth distribution and we work together and are achieving more. - Mrs Omolu Ifeoma

Health and Success Testimony 7

Solace MichaelSolace Michael

Before I joined Kedi health and wealth business in 2006, I was very poor and hawking to survive. I could hardly save, my children were always getting sick and admitted in the hospital. Then my eldest brother came in contact with Kedi and introduced the business to me. The business has been a blessing to me and my household health wise and financially. My children no longer fall sick, I'm able to take care of their financial needs, awarded a car and live in my house. The efficacy of Kedi herbal products provides me the opportunity to help many people get well and to gain financial freedom.

-    Solace Michael

Health and Success Testimony 8

Kolawole IsmailKolawole Ismail

I counted myself lucky to join the Kedi herbal life business  2 years after I have rejected the same opportunity offer as a result of bad experiences in previous network marketing business.  Since I started the business my life has been transformed positively. I have benefitted from the car award twice and an international travel award to Georgia, Turkey, Ghana, and Dubai.

Today, I am happy, not because of what I have gotten through kedi, but because I have been able to touch people’s lives positively through kedi wonderful products and unmatchable compensation plan which guarantee success.

-    Kolawole Ismail

Health and Success Testimony 9

Miss Josephine OkoMiss Josephine Oko

As a youth, I have been looking for a business opportunity to be my own boss and earn good money and joined Kedi business in 2015. With dedication, I qualify for a car in one year and have been able to bring joy to more than fifteen families who had difficulties in bearing children. I have touched so many lives in just two years, this is because kedi have one of the best compensation plan and products that are curative in nature. Kedi has changed my life for good.

-    Miss Josephine Oko

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 10

Emmanuel AnyakuEmmanuel Anyaku

I joined Kedi health and wealth business in 2006 and my first bonus pay check was N75,000, I was shocked and thought it was sent to my account in error. The following month my bonus pay was N90,000 and in the third month, I was given a bonus of N150,000. Between the year 2006 and 2009, I was the first kedi distributor to be awarded 3 brand new cars in a day for my loyalty and hard work.

-    Emmanuel Anyaku

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Health and Success Testimony 11

Mercy B. UdohMercy B. Udoh

I am a star 8 consultant with Kedi Healthcare Nigeria. I am from Uyo local government area in Akwa Ibom State. I joined Kedi in 2006 with great anxiety to survive, but to my greatest surprise, I saw myself with a tear rubber kedi car within the space of my three years in the business. I earn money in the business that changes my life status.

Kedi products helped me from the fatal accident I had in 2012 that almost crippled me. All I did was to use Kedi products, indeed the efficacy of the products is sure and very reliable and what I can say at this point is that indeed kedi is the partner to trust.

-    Mercy B. Udoh 

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 12

Nsirimobi KingsleyNsirimobi Kingsley

I resigned my job to start Kedi health and wealth business in the year 2012 for a promising future on what I assumed to be risky then. This is because as an accountant in an auditing firm, I strive but could not see progress in my input, and worked in fear of losing job anytime. Although, in my two months in Kedi I was not earning money, I was not deterred in my effort to succeed in the business because I have seen people I know that have moved from rag to wealth in the business. With persistence, the business became real and was awarded a Toyota Jeep, and now enjoy time and financial freedom.

- Nsirimobi Kingsley

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 13

Mrs. Egbeada FlorenceMrs. Egbeada Florence

I was a manager in an MLM company before joining Kedi Healthcare in 2009. I was introduced to Kedi by Sister Ann Onyekaomelu who gave me Golden Six which I used to treat my mother of hypertension.  Since November 2009 that I started Kedi, my family changed both financially and health wise. At my Centre, we have helped people to overcome their health challenges.

In 2012 I became a star 8 consultant in Kedi and was rewarded with a highlander Jeep. In 2014 a Lexus Jeep was given to my husband, in 2016 again two of my downlines Nnosham Nichodemus and Mary Jane Innocent were given cars of their choices in that same 2016. I rose up to the status of 1st manager and was heavily rewarded by Kedi management in cash and travel ticket to Singapore.

By 2018 I hope to upgrade to 2nd-star manager to qualify for the house award and training of my child abroad. Kedi is really the partner we trust because whatever they promise to do, they do it.

Their products are highly efficacious and the best of all. Kedi has eradicated poverty in many homes as our members smile to different banks with their cheques to cash their mouth watering bonuses.

-    Mrs. Egbeada Florence

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 14

Emmanuel KejirovwoEmmanuel Kejirovwo

I thank God for connecting me divinely to Kedi Healthcare. I have never heard of any Multi-level marketing before nor Kedi company. But a faithful day, after closing from work as usual while trekking home due to the absence of money back then. I met a lady on the way holding a book which I am curious to read and requested it from the lady.

Upon request, the lady replied and said we are talking about money not reading. After series of questions, she took me to Kedi office in Warri where I met my mentor Dr. Joseph Akpile who enlightened me on the business.

I joined Kedi healthcare in the year 2012 and I started advertising and registering new downlines which made me earn an initial bonus of N15,600. The bonus motivated me to be more serious in the business. I discovered I was making progress financially and I wished I had known Kedi earlier. I worked hard and grew to a star 6 consultant in 2014.

Luckily for me a promo to travel to United Arab Emirate (U.A.E.) was on and God made it possible my name was among the international travel awardee and 31 of us traveled to Dubai with all expenses paid by Kedi Healthcare.

Glory to God almighty I was also awarded a brand new car free from Kedi healthcare in 2016. Indeed Kedi Healthcare is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

-    Emmanuel Kejirovwo

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 15

Sam BasseySam Bassey

I am a native of Akwa Ibom State. Prior to this time, I was working with an industrial company where oxygen and medical gas was produced. I was infected with the chemical waste, and in search for a solution to regain back my health.

I got in contact with Kedi Healthcare through the help of my wife. At first, I saw it as another drug out there but after using it, my health was finally restored. I later discover that the efficacy of Kedi medicine is nothing to be compared to others out there.

One day I sat down with my wife and told her I want to partner with Kedi Healthcare, and since I took the decision, money kept on coming in. I have been able to help so many people who are having health issues all over Nigeria, and testimonies abound about health and wealth.

Kudos to Kedi Healthcare! Today I’m a Star 8 consultant. I can now sleep well and comfortably pay my children school fees and also assist other people around me. Through Kedi I have been able to get a brand new car and landed property.

-    Sam Bassey

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 16

Abdulrahim RajiAbdulrahim Raji

I’m a star 7 car awardee, popularly called “Baba Raji”. I joined Kedi health and wealth business in Zaria at the tail end of 2013. I started the business fully in the following year of 2014 and became car awardee June 2016 in Lagos. I use my wealth of experience to build a very formidable network with Kedi.

I have used Kedi products to solve some health challenges of people around and the same time created a business opportunity for myself and others. I am a crowd pillar everywhere I go. I am already knocking on the door of the prestigious star 8 position before the end of this year God’s willing.

The secret of my success is I remain focus and I don’t jump from one network to another. I don’t give up at the age of 74 and still waxing stronger. I am a great pillar and great motivator as kedi is concerned in the north. I salute Kedi my best business partner. I am retired but not tired.

-          Abdulrahim Raji

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 17

Janet AniJanet Ani

I am in my late forties, I got married since 1998 which I had a baby boy then in 1998. After the birth of my boy, I never for once got pregnant again. I had a test and I was told I have excess fat in my stomach and it covered my womb. I visited so many medical centres, even went for traditional herbs but no result.  I gave birth to a baby after using Kedi products to reduce the excess fat covering my womb.

In May 2014, my husband was admitted at Divine Hospital at Tcdi Ojo Cantonment, Lagos. He was diagnosed of prostate infection/enlargement, so it affected him from urinating so a catheter was fixed for him to urinate well. During the course of his treatment in the hospital, he took Kedi products and was able to urinate without the catheter. I was marveled and encouraged to register for the business. 

-    Janet Ani

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 18

Adegbemisoye Sam ZionAdegbemisoye Sam Zion

I joined kedi herbal life business 13 months ago. Am a Star 7 consultant. 13 months ago someone came to me to share the possible benefits of Kedi health and wealth business opportunity. He talked about car award, scholarships for two of my family members, Villa awards and how it is easy for me to help other people succeed in Kedi, work with as many people who want such achievements between now and next year.

I loved the concept and started the business 13 months ago. I was committed and dedicated to succeed. 5 months and 10 days I qualified for car award. 

I was very excited to see it possible within the short period of time. Today, I have a lot of people in my business who are earning in excess of 50K to 250K on monthly basis and many who will qualify for a car next year. Be ready to be part of them.

-    Adegbemisoye Sam Zion 

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 19

Alhaji Jinadu SurajudeenAlhaji Jinadu Surajudeen

I am a Star 8 consultant and a car awardee in Kedi Healthcare Limited. I have been looking for a platform that will give me the opportunity to be my own boss and succeed in life. Kedi Healthcare became the platform I joined in 2015 and was awarded my first car within a year in the business. I was enlisted as the topmost distributor with the highest point value (PV) among 74 car awardees.

I have been able to achieve a lot through Kedi business. Through Kedi Healthcare I have been able to travel to Saudi Arabia with my personal bonus money from Kedi business. Also, I travel to the following countries Georgia, Turkey, Ghana, and Dubai.  I am happy to have my own personal building and other achievements. Kedi is the best business opportunity that can happen to anybody. Kedi is the best business partner.

-    Alhaji Jinadu Surajudeen

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 20

Pastor Moses EgbeniyiPastor Moses Egbeniyi

I am a leader in Kedi health and wealth business. What gives me joy is the number of lives that have been touched through this healthcare called kedi and particularly through me as upline. I bless God every day when I look and hear testimonies of men and women who hitherto had no hope saying to me, “Thank God that we met you”, and I simply quickly thank God and appreciate kedi for what has been achieved through them and what others had benefitted likewise.

Kedi healthcare does not only share health in terms of their herbal medicines but spread the wealth to those who show willingness for it and commit their dedication to it.

I enjoin all who thirst for good living and who wants people to be blessed by them while living in comfort themselves to be more dedicated to kedi and its ideals and together we can build people with sound health and legitimate wealth.

-    Pastor Moses Egbeniyi

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Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 21

Alhaji Adediran AdeyinkaAlhaji Adediran Adeyinka

The albatross of any man is his choice to be blind to opportunities and failure to grab one when it comes. One of the things I am forever grateful for in life is my decision to join kedi health and wealth business as at the time I did. It has made the sun shine brighter for me and took away the gray sides and the dark patches.

With Kedi, I have not only seen good times but the best of times in terms of good health and legitimate wealth. I want to plead with all of us whom kedi has blessed to do more in spreading the good news for the benefit of ourselves and many others.

If you have not joined and you say it is all lies, grab your loin, join today and make a success of your own life. Kedi makes life beautiful.

-    Alhaji Adediran Adeyinka

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 22

Mrs. Okeke ChinyereMrs. Okeke Chinyere

I joined Kedi healthcare in 2009 and distributed their massagers for 4 consecutive months and left for other networks. I took the decision because I decided not to distribute their herbal products due to the ugly experiences I had in marketing other companies’ products which did not really work.

As God would have it, in 2014, I came back and to my greatest surprise, all the points I accumulated in close 4 months were there for me, and I continue from where I left. Isn’t it wonderful?

In this my second missionary journey, I entered into treatment with the same herbal products I rejected and what can I say? With Kedi herbal products, I have successfully treated a lot of health challenges ranging from Asthma, Ulcer, fibroid, series of prostate cases, kidney problems, stroke, arthritis, a lot of infertility cases among others.

The success stories and huge testimonies made me resign from my place of work on the 22nd of June 2017 where I spent the last year as a senior staff. When I was leaving, I told my colleagues that kedi is more pensionable, unlike my workplace where we were owed for 6 – 7 months. In Kedi we are sure of payment of our bonus between 10th to 12th of every month.

I was among those awarded a brand new car by this my darling company on the 18th of June 2016. Long live Kedi healthcare Nigeria Ltd.

-    Mrs. Okeke Chinyere

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 23

Eniola AjalaEniola Ajala

I did not grow up to know my father, but thanks to the hard work and determination of my mother who saw to it that I did not perish in infancy. I managed to finished secondary school and attend two years of higher education.

When I heard that the strongest iroko of the forest is not the one that is hidden from the sun or protected from the wind, but the one which stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the wind and the scorching sun, I understood that my difficulties have to end in celebrations. I understood that hardship prepare me for a brighter future and this kept me going.

Today when I look back, I discovered that doors were deliberately closed to me for the real door to open which did in the year 2010 when I joined Kedi health and wealth business. My initial capital was N2,500 but today I am a success and I have made a success out of so many people whose part has crossed mine.

Sincerity, honesty, hard work and discipline are the watchword of an achiever and if you are armed with all these, join us in Kedi and make a success out of your own life.

-    Eniola Ajala 

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 24

Pastor Adeyemi Adeniyi MartinsPastor Adeyemi Adeniyi Martins

I am a Star 7 consultant and the owner of service centre 301 Ilesa.  By his grace, God made me what I am today through kedi Healthcare Ind. Nig. Ltd. Since the inception and till date, Kedi has never for once failed me. By his grace, I will be celebrated in the next kedi anniversary where I will take home all my awards. Kedi is real and still my best business partner. Kedi is God sent to share good health and cool wealth. I enjoin all and sundry to join us today and have their own share of the global cake.

-    Pastor Adeyemi Adeniyi Martins

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 25

Mrs. Florence AgbeleyeMrs. Florence Agbeleye

I am a civil servant. I joined kedi Healthcare about 4 years ago. It has been a wonderful experience with Kedi Healthcare, though as a civil servant, I have limited time, still, I have achieved a lot with this wonderful company. Kedi health care has awarded me with a brand new car and also a traveling award to United Arab Emirate. So am imploring people to join this wonderful company because the first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you find yourself.

-    Mrs. Florence Agbeleye

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 26

Bolanle KehindeBolanle Kehinde

I was a hustler for almost 6 years after my school, until I partner with a wonderful company called Kedi.  I was introduced to this business in May 2015 and within 9 months in the business, I was able to achieve Star 7 as a consultant and the company gave me my first car which is Toyota Matrix. 

As a qualified Star 7, I’m making excess of N500K and above every single month.  When I clocked 1 year and 5 months I bought another Toyota Corolla car and today am just 1 year and 6 months in the system and many lives have been transformed positively through my YES.

As of today, I have two Star 7 under me and they are making good money and riding their own cars. I have qualified for an international travel to Dubai and I have more than 10 people who have also qualified to travel with me. Finally, I challenge everyone to do this business and within a short period, you will succeed. You can do it better. 

-    Bolanle Kehinde

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 27

Akinrinade OlulekeAkinrinade Oluleke

I am a Star 8 consultant. I joined Kedi Healthcare in January 2015 and today, glory to God, I am riding two cars, a corolla sport, and High lander jeep courtesy of kedi health and wealth business. I have landed properties and living my dream.

-    I am a Star 8 consultant. I joined Kedi Healthcare in January 2015 and today, glory to God, I am riding two cars, a corolla sport, and High lander jeep courtesy of kedi. I have landed properties and living my dream.

-    Akinrinade Oluleke

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 28

Ajediti Korede (KOREA)Ajediti Korede (KOREA)

I am a B. Tech Agronomist from LAUTECH Ogbomosho. I started hunting for a job after my NYSC but I couldn’t get one until one faithful month March 2014 when I came across my sponsor that introduced me to Kedi Healthcare. I did not have money to register and I borrowed my registration money. But today, my story has changed. I became a Star 5 consultant in a month, owner of a service centre, money is no longer my problem. Kedi took me abroad for enjoyment free of charge. I bought my beautiful car a year in the business.

-    Ajediti Korede (KOREA)

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 29

Mufutau Najeem A.Mufutau Najeem A.

I joined Kedi Healthcare in 2010 but started the kedi business in 2013 when I saw the overwhelming testimony of my friend. I was an access bank contract staff before the opportunity. I resigned from access bank in 2014 to face Kedi business squarely. I thank God today that both time and financial freedom are mines.

-    Mufutau Najeem A.

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 30

Akinosho OlugbemiAkinosho Olugbemi

I joined Kedi healthcare March 17, 2015 (my birthday) when I was desperately in need of an opportunity that can change my life positively. To God be the glory forever and ever. I became Star 7 consultant with kedi healthcare within 11 months in the business. I was celebrated among the Star 7 in one-year car awardees at the kedi 5th Car Award and 10th anniversary, June 18, 2016. Kedi rewarded my effort with the car of my own choice, a Toyota Highlander Jeep plus other benefits. In fact, this is Psalm 126 in my life story…

I have spent 10 years not stopping for a day in one network marketing company. Though they are popular but known for an unrealistic result. I will forever be grateful to Almighty God that gave me the courage to start my network marketing business career all over again with kedi healthcare and crown my effort with “UNLIMITED SUCCESS”. 

I strongly believe that anyone can succeed in life no matter your background if you have a strong belief in God, yourself and other people. My thanks also go to all my team members, our teamwork makes the dream come true. My special thanks go to my sponsor, my uplines, my mentors and all kedi staff with the management. 

-    Akinosho Olugbemi

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Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 31

Olaosebikan AhmedOlaosebikan Ahmed

I’m a star 8 consultant in Kedi herbal life business. Since I’ve been brought from Kaduna to Ijabe at the age of one year and 2 months by my partner grandma, life has not been easy.

Since I joined kedi life has been so good. I traveled out 6 months courtesy of this business free of charge and had my first car at 8 and half months of this opportunity. Kedi has awarded me with a brand new 4runner jeep and I enjoin you to join today and your life will never remain the same.

-    Olaosebikan Ahmed

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 32

Amusan OluwafemiAmusan Oluwafemi

I joined Kedi when I was a security staff at Skye bank at Ila-Orangun. Due to the wonder God did for me through kedi, I resigned as a security man last year January. I am now a car owner one year after I left Skye bank. In addition, last year I won N500,000 worth of products free. I am thanking God that I did not get gainfully employed by the government because they won’t be paying me, my wife and children as kedi is doing for me. My advice for those who have not joined is that they should not hesitate to do so because life is sweet here.

-    Amusan Oluwafemi 

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 33

Abimbola Lawrence OladipoAbimbola Lawrence Oladipo

I am a Star 7 distributor and joined kedi healthcare in January 2014 when I was in full service of WAEC. I joined not to do the business but because of the personality that introduced me to it in person of Alhaja igbalaye. The mummy whom I hold in high esteem. After my registration I started the business and that same month I made my Star 3. I brought the products to Minna for consumption.

As I was using using the the products, I noticed that the products are very effective. One day, a colleague of mine by name Mr. Okonji, who was then our accountant complained of one ailment, I shared with him out of the ones I was using. Behold, the following day it was a testimony. There and then, he registered and made Star 3 that day. That’s how business started

I retired February 2015 and by March Mr Eniola our leader processed service centre 348 for me. Since then the business has started on a good footing to the glory of God. I was awarded as one of the best service centres in the just concluded car award in June 18 2016.

-    Abimbola Lawrence Oladipo

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 34

Adeleye AbimbolaAdeleye Abimbola

I thank God for making me to see this wonderful opportunity called kedi Healthcare. I was nobody before, but now through kedi my dream has come true.

-    Adeleye Abimbola

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 35

Ifeoma Felicitas JohnIfeoma Felicitas John

I am a Star 8 consultant with Kedi herbal life business and my life has been filled with testimonies since I joined the business. I got a car award Jeep, had oversea travel and have helped many people to live the life of their dreams with the help of kedi. With Kedi opportunities are unlimited. Join today.

-    Ifeoma Felicitas John

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 36

Isa UmarIsa Umar

I joined Kedi herbal life business in March 2015 and as at then, my life was at its lowest ebb, I was nobody. I was thirsty for opportunities and grabbed kedi wholeheartedly and with absolute dedication. In a year of joining, my life took an upward dive and turned me from grass to grace.

I am a 2016 car awardee (A Lexus jeep 330) and my greatest joy is putting smiles on other people’s faces and transforming lives through Kedi healthcare.

-    Isa Umar

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 37

Anita SampsonAnita Sampson

To God alone be all the glory. I’m an Accountant/Auditor by profession. The first time I heard the name kedi was in the course of an audit duty from my upline. I joined Kedi in 2014. Within a period of 5 months I qualified to travel to Dubai which we travelled last year. In 2015 I qualified for a car which has been collected – a Lexus Jeep GX470. Right now, by the grace of God, I’m among those travelling to Singapore. God used Kedi to restore my husband’s health and also enriching us big time. Today I’m known as a Kedi Consultant/Naturopathic Doctor. To God Alone Be All The Glory. Amen.

-    Anita Sampson

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 38

Adeyemi kehinde (Kenny Kedi)Adeyemi kehinde (Kenny Kedi)

He joined Kedi herbal life business 9 years ago and was able to move from zero to a hero in a short time through his simple teaching method and exemplary leadership. He got his first car award in 2012, other two followed. He traveled through the company for an all-expenses-paid overseas tour by the company. In the last car award, he was one of eight consultants that were awarded villa.

-    Adeyemi kehinde (Kenny Kedi)

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 39

Saliu SegunSaliu Segun

I partner with Kedi health and wealth business towards the end of the year 2015. It took me some time to start due to my frustrating months in the former network company I work with.

But say yes to KEDI bring a turn around to my life. I am a star 7 consultant, within 15 months I joined kedi I qualified for an international trip to UAE with all expenses paid by the company. I also have people in my business earning an average of 100 – 200K monthly.

My candid advice to you is to join Kedi today and you will enjoy the best moment of your life.

-    Saliu Segun

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 40

Mantey Akos Keyibue

Ever since l joined Kedi health and wealth business, my life has never been the same. As a single parent and a mother of 2 lovely kids, l worked very hard and tirelessly and it made me qualify for a Car award just in 10 months.

Healthwise, Kedi products are so powerful that my children and l never visit the hospital since l joined Kedi. I have treated several cases of health challenges with Kedi products.  For example, I treated a client with kidney failure who was referred to Korle Bu Teaching hospital for Dialysis. Her creatinine level was 1361 UMOL. The normal range is supposed to be 70-115. So after taking Golden six, Reishi, Golden Hypha and Cordy Active for just 3 months, it came down to the normal level which is 83 Umol. Glory to God

-          Akos From Ghana

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 41

Victoria SavageVictoria Savage

I am 50 years old and thank God for the good health that I enjoy. It was not so in the year 2011, then I was 42 years old when I experienced a lump in my left breast. I was referred from Ifako Ijaiye General Hospital to Lagos State University for biopsy test. The test confirmed it to be cancer, the lump was removed and I was booked for major surgery, this is because it has been Metastasis that is the cancer is spreading to other parts of the body.

In my next appointment, the report of a lady that was attended to before me, who was experiencing cancer of the anus was checked and the Doctor told her that cancer has been cleared and that she no longer need the surgery, and she should continue with whatever medicines she's taking. As she left the office, I ran after her and met her before she moves her car. I inquire from her the medicines that treat the disease and she told me that she used Kedi products.

I went to Kedi office, where I was advised to take Kedi Golden Hypha and Reishi for treatment. I started treatment with the Kedi products and continue my clinical checkup, which was later confirmed that the spreading has stopped. I persisted with the Kedi herbal medicines until the report was negative, and it never reoccurs again.

-    Victoria Savage

Kedi Health and Wealth Testimony 42

I am a young graduate approaching life with enthusiasm and lots of hope. I joined kedi herbal life business in 2013 and today I am a Star 7 awardee with a car of my own. Kedi has given life to my dreams and I shall tell of its goodness. Join Kedi today.

-    Afolabi Opeyemi

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Nigeriaweb Success Digest Testimony 43

Lizzy Queen NwachukwuLizzy Queen Nwachukwu

My name is Lizzy Queen Nwachukwu, I had nothing when I joined Kedi business. I put my hand on so many businesses but it was to no avail. My husband told my pastor that I should become his prayer point due to the fact that nothing was working on my side. My Pastor then told him that he shouldn’t worry that I am a blessing to him and that in due time God will lift me up.

Then my husband was seeing me as a liability in the house because I was not able to contribute to the welfare of the home coupled with the fact that we have many children. At those times I could not boast of N1,000 in my pocket not to talk more about my bank account.

Then at a time when my husband fell sick with diabetes, the sugar level was up to 480. My sister called from Onitsha and introduced me to Kedi products which are Magilim and Golden Six which I used on my husband. Then after a short while, my husband became well again. Moreover, my sister went ahead to tell me that Kedi business is good business.

She introduced me to my upline, Mr Rich Adiele. But before then I hated network marketing business until I realized that kedi business is a money making machine business.

The first bonus I earned in kedi business was N700,000 and I couldn’t believe it likewise my husband. So that is how I continued this business. As at today, I have collected 3 cars in the course of this business. Kedi has also sent me to Dubai and Singapore with all expenses paid.

I am really glad because Kedi Healthcare is a testimony to my life. It has changed my life and that of my family completely for better. Am grateful to God and to the management of Kedi Healthcare. You too can change your story by joining Kedi today.

-    Lizzy Queen Nwachukwu

Nigeriaweb Success Digest Testimony 44

I am a 76 years old Star 6 Kedi Consultant. I am often called grandma Kedi for my agility and commitment. I believe that success in life is not characterized by age or limited by it. Kedi has given me health, given me wealth and opportunity of helping others. Through me, a good number of people has collected cars and traveled on the bill of Kedi. Kedi is a reliable partner, blessing lives and changing fortunes. Join Kedi today.

-    Deaconess J.M. Ilori

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 45

Kedi herbal life business has played the most positive role in my life and in the area of health. Kedi products have kept me and my family healthy. I became Star 6 member within four months that I registered and the company gave me products worth of N500,000 for free. After seven months in the business, I bought a car worth a million naira. 

After sixteen months I started the business I became Star 7 and the company gave me a Honda Pilot Jeep. Lastly, this business gave me the chance to grow mentally, spiritually and financially. My future is also guaranteed.

-    Buari

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 46

Ganiyu IdrisGaniyu Idris

I started partnering with Kedi healthcare on the 20th of May 2015. Before I joined Kedi, I was a networker with over six years’ experience in a company where one works like an elephant and eat like a rat. I thank God for using a business colleague of mine that showed me the opportunity of Kedi healthcare in 2016. Today, I am what I am by the grace of God.

-    Ganiyu Idris

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 47

Oluyinka Orimogunje

Testimony Oluyinka Orimogunje

My name is Oluyinka Orimogunje. I joined Kedi Healthcare in the year 2013 as a poor boy. I truly had no faith in the company because of numerous deceitful platforms I had engaged before. But one thing my upline did was to constantly encourage me until I saw the light. I passionately started working, recruiting and sharing my knowledge with others.

Then like a joke the earning started coming in, though very low, but a sure reward for my efforts. My first earning was N3,000, then the following month was N17,000, followed by better earnings in the successive months. Though at a point I was discouraged because I thought the earnings were not enough to pay my bills. Then even while I stopped, the earnings were still coming in as a reward for past effort. That was when I made up my mind to put in all my efforts.

Well, the rest is history. I have since crossed the mark of N2million per month, have travelled to Dubai, won a ticket to Singapore, won 3 different cars and this month one of my downlines won a Mercedes Benz ML500 in addition to other awards that have been won by my downlines. Today I can say I am a comfortable millionaire, owner of 5 different cars and still counting.

-    Oluyinka Orimogunje

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 48

I’m Atunwa Oluwole a native of Eruwa Ibarapa East Local Government Area of Oyo State. Before I partner with Kedi health and wealth business, I was nobody but my aim is to become somebody in life. I managed to finish O.N.D and life was difficult for me. I started looking for a way along the line I was introduced to a business I thought could rescue me out of my situation, but all my effort was abortive for 6 years.

I was introduced to Kedi network business in July 2016, and within 3 months I qualified as a Kedi Star 6 distributor which gave me the opportunity to qualify for Kedi international travel trip to Dubai, all expenses paid by Kedi.

After one year I was able to acquire a land which I bought from my monthly bonus. Then one year and five months in Kedi I became a star 7 distributor and I bought my first car Toyota Corolla series.

I have helped many people both home and abroad with kedi products which work like magic. I believed if my life can be turned around within few years in the business, it can happen to you too, even more. Join Kedi today to enjoy a new life.

-    Atunwa Oluwole  

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 49

Ugwu Felicitas IkpeamaUgwu Felicitas Ikpeama

My name is Ugwu Felicitas Ikpeama. I joined Kedi herbal life business as a result of my health challenge and was diagnosed with a kidney infection. All hope to get cured in Nigeria prove abortive and my family had already lost hope. My only hope was to fly to the United States for treatment. The preparation was on when God brought Ahmed Alabo, a Kedi distributor who used kedi products to cure his health challenges.

He introduced me to kedi Reishi and Golden Six. Initially, I was very sceptical about the products but later gave it a trial. After about three months while I was still waiting for my Visa I noticed great changes in my health and the Doctor asked me to run a test to be sure if the kidney infection was still there, it proved negative.

I registered and became a full kedi member alongside my husband who left his civil service job to partner with Kedi through the help of Isaac Ajisafe, who is now a one Star director with Kedi.

Today, I own a car as a Star 7 distributor, my husband too is very close to getting his own car. What we could not achieve in so many years we are enjoying now. Kedi has brought us both health and wealth. Join Kedi today and have a better tomorrow.

- Ugwu Felicitas Ikpeama

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 50

Emmanuel Anyaku

I got acquainted with Kedi Healthcare business through one of its top distributors who at one time partnered with another pioneer multilevel marketing company which I was with initially. I had a doubt about the new ideology but at some point, I decided to try out this new network since the previous one wasn’t worthwhile.

On producing convincing evidence of my status in the pioneer network to Kedi healthcare management I was absorbed into the system. Within the first three months of this business, I was paid N75,000, N90,000 and N150,000 respectively. This completely dispelled all doubts I had previously entertained. These figures in geometric progression are evidence of the company’s marketing and compensation plan.

Between 2006 and 2009, I was the first and only Kedi distributor to have been awarded 3 brand new cars in one day based on recognition of my hard work, consistency, and loyalty within the period under review as witnessed by the former governor of Anambra State, his Excellency Mr Obi at Sharon hall, a record yet to be surpassed in the history of Kedi Healthcare business.

From 2009 till date I have also received two additional cars and a Deluxe Villa. I have also travelled on an all-expense paid trip to China courtesy of the company. In the previous company, I partnered with, making ends meet was different because what I was paid as a star 7 distributor was negligible, also the car award was not really an award but a loan facility deductible from one’s monthly loans.

I urge all to get acquainted with this business and work assiduously for the gains because to me, I consider it a revenue spewing enterprise and the business is incomparable based on a conservative assessment.

-    Emmanuel Anyaku

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 51

Fagboyegun Yemmy

Mr Fagboyegun Yemmy, Star 7 Awardee started full Kedi herbal life business in the year 2014 and became a car awardee in June 2018 in Abuja. According to him, in 2015, I qualified for Dubai travelled Award and I bought my first car in 2016 before Kedi Award me Jeep this year 2018.

I have been using Kedi products to solve many health challenges of people around me and at the same time created this as a business opportunity for myself and those around me. Before I joined this Kedi business, I used to hawk Oroki herbal medicine, but I find it difficult to achieve some of my dreams, but Kedi business has given me the opportunity to create the kind of wealth I have always wanted with many achievements and benefits attached.

The secret of my success is, I remain focus, dream, passion, commitment, and I have the interest of the kedi business.

- Fagboyegun Yemmy

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 52

Rich Adiele

Mr Rich Adiele is an entrepreneur, business owner, public speaker and philanthropist. He has over 10 years’ experience in the MLM profession with Kedi Healthcare and has become an expert at showing others how to build a successful network marketing business regardless of their past experience, qualification and social background. He also holds a Master Degree in Public Administration.

He has used his knowledge of network marketing to build and develop over a hundred thousand downlines all over Nigeria, neighbouring African countries, Europe and the United States of America.

In 2009 he won an award as the best service Centre manager with Kedi Healthcare. He has also won 5 brand new cars for himself. Amongst his other achievement is an all-expenses paid trip to the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China to mention few. In 2012 he was among the few Nigerians who won the company prestigious “Recognition and Villa Awards.”

-    Rich Adiele

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 53

Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku

Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku is a man of the people, an extraordinary entrepreneur, dynamic and industrious. He has become a guru in the MLM business for over 12 years now. Emanating from his contact with Kedi Healthcare in 2007 which was the turning point in his life.

I won’t be surprised if the downlines he has built up in Nigeria and beyond has not surpassed 250,000 marks. He speaks Kedi, drinks Kedi and thinks of Kedi all the time. He established the first regional office east of the Niger out of the precinct of the company’s head office in Lagos.

He developed one of the best marketing team that traverse all the major cities east of the Niger and within two years Kedi had become a household name in the old eastern region of Nigeria.

Most of the senior members of Kedi echelon east of the Niger thriving in Kedi business were trained and heavily supported by his crack marketing team in Aba.

Through his pioneering effort, many service centres and regional offices have sprung up all over the major and minor cities in the east with accompanying healthy competition is the norm.

In terms of achievements, the Guru of MLM business has won several car awards, assisted many also to win cars. He has also travelled almost all over the world as guest of Kedi Healthcare.

He has extended his business tentacle to the federal capital city where he has also opened a regional office and replicating what he started in Aba. He is one of those in Africa who has won the house villa award.

He is currently the leading Africa figure in the Kedi enterprise, a 4 Star director. He wants all to take advantage of the opportunities Kedi offers to better their lives once and for all.

-    Sunny Chinedu Ojiaku

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 54

I joined kedi health and wealth business with the dream of touching other people’s life positively which has come into reality by adding value to people’s lives in the area of health and wealth. 

-    Okunade Mojeed Ishola

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 55

I want to thank God for his goodness and mercy over my life. I suffered an illness caused asthma bronchitis for over 10 years. It got to a point orthodox medication was no longer working for me. I took several supplements all to no avail until I came in contact with Kedi herbal life business through my consultant Anita. I started taking kedi products for two years along with the blood circulatory massager and since then I have not been to the hospital, no more inhaler. I can now do the things I was asked not to do before. As if that was not enough kedi always give me monthly bonuses. I am always assured that at every month end huge amount money comes into the family. To God be all the glory.

-    Paulina Eze

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 56

I thank God Almighty who opened my eyes to see kedi Healthcare International on the 10th of July 2012. I was an (OYES) Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme member and on one faithful day, fortune smiled at me when I met my able leader, Mr. Ajala Eniola and he introduced Kedi healthcare to me. I thank God that within seven months that I joined the business I bought my first car and one year with some months I built my first house. 

So on 21st June 2014,  I got a car award from kedi healthcare, a brand new one, and also today I have financial freedom changing people’s lives and making an impact in my society which is my lifelong goal. Kedi has helped me achieve my dreams. I have been empowered to make an impact in the life of others because I believe that success without a successor is a failure in disguise.

-    Ogunleye Kolawole

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 57

I joined Kedi healthcare in February 2015, after seeing the benefits that this opportunity can offer. In less than two years in the business, I get upgraded to Star 8. A Star 8 position offers me many benefits. These are my cars, which include Lexus Jeep which the company gave me when I became Star 7 within 1 year. When I became Star 8 this year I bought another car and have qualified to travel to Singapore.  It has been a life-changing experience for me and my team members.

-    Ajilore Adedayo

Nigeriaweb Success Testimony 58

I am a Star 7 distributor. I joined Kedi Healthcare in March ending 2014 through my upline Mrs. Anita Samson. Since then God has used Kedi to change my life and entire family. God has given us properties through Kedi.  My people, kedi has come to stay and change people’s life. So don’t wait any longer, sign up and join the train of success.

-    Pastor Odemuyiwa Olusesi

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2. People outside Lagos should Call/Text/WhatsApp number 2348121325411 or Call/Text/Telegram 2348033205456 for the address of Kedi Service Centre in their states and buy products and enjoy member prices using Kedi No: KN205898 and Names: Olabode Oruku

3. If you want dispatch riders to deliver products to your house address within Lagos State for between N500 to N3,000, which depends on your location. Call/Text/WhatsApp number 2348121325411 or Call/Text/Telegram 2348033205456.

4. We deliver products outside Lagos with either Courier Companies or Transporters for a cost from N2,000 upward.

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P.S. We do recommend detoxification of the body system before any treatment to enhance result. The supplements for detoxification generally are Colon Cleanse tea, Constilease, Gastrifort, Refresh tea and Qinghao.

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