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Herbal Medicine for Male Infertility: Understanding Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments with Cordy Active and Vigor Essential

This article explains herbal medicine for male infertility, symptoms, causes and other treatment options. In Nigeria and most African societies, when it comes to the issue of infertility, most of the blame is usually on the women. Little consideration is given to the fact that the man and woman contribute equally to giving birth to a child. When there is prolonged difficulty in achieving this, they share responsibility. It is often discovered that the problem may be due to male infertility.

The reproductive process begins with the release of an egg cell from a woman's ovum. Then during copulation, millions of sperm cells are released by the man, and they travel up the vagina through the uterus to meet with the egg cell. Only one sperm cell can successfully penetrate the egg, and once this happens, fertilization occurs. It then begins the gradual process of development that results in a baby. 

Male infertility usually involves a problem with the sperm cell. Many things can happen; either the sperm cells may be defective, or they are not numerous enough for fertilization to be achieved. Sometimes, no sperm cells are released.

herbal medicine for male infertilityVigor Essential Capsule

Symptoms of male infertility

The naked eye cannot see sperm cells, so it may be difficult to identify symptoms of male infertility until a proper medical examination is carried out. So, the most common symptom will be an inability to impregnate your partner after 12 months of unprotected sex.

chinese herbal medicine for male infertilityCordy Active Capsule

Causes of male infertility

Several factors may contribute to changing sperm structure and count. Some of the most common include:

  • Drug effect: Some drugs may have side effects on sperm cells; these include antibiotics, anabolic steroids, marijuana and alcohol. It is essential to discuss with your doctor the impact of prescribed drugs on fertility. 
  • Pollutants: Toxic substances found in pesticides, herbicides, paint, contaminants, and food and water supply can also contribute to male infertility.
  • Temperature: The scrotal sac in men is positioned just outside the body, attached to the penis by a thin layer of soft skin because sperm cells are produced and stored at moderate temperatures. High temperatures, often due to tight clothing, can denature or kill sperm cells.
  • Exercise: Some vigorous exercises like cycling can cause a seizure in sperm flow; although this may be temporal, it can also have long-term effects.
  • Health condition: Suffering from chronic diseases such as anaemia, cancer, diabetes, and varicocele (enlarged veins in the scrotum) can also result in male infertility.
  • Genetic effect: The formation of sperm cells is mainly controlled by genes found in the Y chromosome that are only present in men. Changes in these genes, often caused by mutations, can cause infertility.
  • Hormonal imbalance: The release of sperm is controlled by male hormones such as testosterone. An imbalance in the level of these hormones can also cause infertility.
natural medicine for male fertilityRevive Capsule

Herbal medicine for male infertility and treatment options

Depending on the cause, herbal Medicine for male infertility and treatment options can be considered:

  • Medications: There are fertility drugs that the doctor can prescribe to help treat the condition. 
  • Lifestyle changes: Wear loose, cotton underwear that allows for a free flow of air. Avoid smoking, heavy exercise and exposure to toxic pollutants. 
  • Surgery: In cases where an obstruction restricts the ejaculation of semen, corrective surgeries may be required, such as reversing a vasectomy or repairing an enlarged vein. 
  • Herbal Medicine: Herbal Medicine for male infertility is formulated from natural herbs. It helps treat underlying health conditions and boost sperm count and viability. Popular products include Revive, Vigor Essential and Cordy Active, produced by Kedi Healthcare.

Cordy Active and Vigor Essential: Herbal Medicine for Male Infertility

One herbal medicine for male infertility is Kedi Cordy Active and Kedi Vigor Essential.Kedi Cordy Active

Kedi Cordy Active is a prominent herbal remedy that enhances male reproductive health. It primarily contains Cordyceps sinensis, a powerful mushroom known for its therapeutic properties. Cordyceps has been used in Chinese medicine to improve stamina, boost energy levels, and enhance sexual performance.

Critical Benefits of Kedi Cordy Active:

  1. Improved Sperm Quality: Cordyceps sinensis is believed to improve sperm motility and count, crucial factors in male fertility.
  2. Enhanced Libido: Regular intake of Kedi Cordy Active can help increase libido, thus improving sexual health and performance.
  3. Boosted Immune System: The supplement supports overall immune health, which can indirectly benefit reproductive health.

By integrating Kedi Cordy Active into a daily regimen, men may experience a significant improvement in their reproductive capabilities, making it a reliable option in the realm of herbal medicine for male infertility.Kedi Vigor Essential

Kedi Vigor Essential is another effective herbal product addressing male infertility issues. This supplement combines various natural ingredients known for their positive effects on male reproductive health. Key components include ginseng, epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), and other potent herbs that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

Critical Benefits of Kedi Vigor Essential:

  1. Increased Sperm Production: The blend of herbs in Kedi Vigor Essential helps stimulate the production of healthy sperm, enhancing fertility.
  2. Enhanced Sexual Function: Ingredients like ginseng and epimedium are known to improve erectile function and increase sexual stamina.
  3. Hormonal Balance: The supplement helps regulate hormonal levels, essential for maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

Kedi Vigor Essential provides a holistic approach to treating male infertility by addressing multiple aspects of reproductive health. Its composition makes it a safe and effective alternative to herbal medicine for male infertility.Combining Kedi Cordy Active and Kedi Vigor Essential

Some may consider combining Kedi Cordy Active and Kedi Vigor Essential for optimal results. Together, these supplements can provide comprehensive support for male reproductive health. While Kedi Cordy Active focuses on enhancing energy levels and immune function, Kedi Vigor Essential targets sperm production and sexual performance. This synergistic can maximize the benefits of herbal medicine for male infertility.Conclusion

Herbal medicine for male infertility offers a promising alternative to conventional treatments, with Kedi Cordy Active and Kedi Vigor Essential standing out as effective solutions. By leveraging the power of traditional herbs, these supplements provide a natural way to enhance male reproductive health, improve sperm quality, and boost sexual performance. For infertility challenges, these products represent a viable option worth considering. 

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He possesses a Lagos State Traditional Herbal Medicine Board license and understands Chinese traditional herbal medicines. He integrates both pieces of knowledge for the health being of Nigerians.

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