Causes and Treatment for Dry Skin

Before my explanation on causes and treatment for dry skin, let me elaborate on the human body. The human body is comprised of many complex systems that are susceptible to attack from foreign microorganisms, but our natural defence mechanism is always active to help in keeping us safe and in good health. The body’s first line of defence is the skin which also happens to be the largest organ in the human body, as it stretches over and covers the whole of the underlying internal structures.

The skin also plays a very important role in maintaining the body’s temperature. Developing goose bumps to trap tiny layers of air to form an insulation during cold weather, and producing sweat to cool the body during hot weather. The skin also helps keep the shape and form of the body, giving us an attractive look.

Since the skin is constantly exposed to physical conditions such as weather and is the first organ to suffer the effects of injury during a physical impact. It also provides a shield from harmful ultraviolet rays, so it has become important that proper attention is given in caring for the skin.

Usually, the human skin sheds its cells to produce new skin cells that keep you glowing and free from infections. This natural process of renewing skin cells requires that the skin is sufficiently moisturized. But some people tend to have a very dry skin, and this disrupts the process of shedding off dead skin cells, making the skin to develop dry patches, cracks and even wounds which then provides an opening or a point of entry for harmful bacteria that normally would not have penetrated the skin into the body system.

Dry skin presents a lot of problems, as apart from making you lose that natural shine in your skin appearance, it can lead to skin infections and diseases to other parts of the body. 

Causes of Dry Skin

So many factors can be responsible for it, some of the most likely causes of dry skin  include the following:

Dehydration: Drinking enough water is good, and one of its many benefits is that it helps in maintaining your skin health. Water keeps the skin adequately moistened as it provides a medium for normal cellular functions. So allowing the body to be dehydrated can have adverse effects on the appearance of the skin.

Poor Diet: It’s one of the causes of dry skin. Having dry skin patches and a dull skin appearance can also be caused by poor nutrition. The skin, like every other organ, requires a good supply of proteins and vitamins that are needed to regularly replace dead skin cells.

Natural: Some people just have dry skin naturally. Maybe due to genetic causes or age, the skin is not adequately moistened. 

Treatment for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be treated with regular skin care that helps to moisturize the skin, some treatment for dry skin includes:

Moisturizing Creams: Applying moisturizing creams keeps the skin looking oily and glowing. Using baby oils are very helpful in treatment for the dry skin they tend to keep the skin moistened for a longer time. Also, avoid the use of creams that contain hydroquinone and mercury as these substances are toxic and are known to be carcinogenic.

Healthy nutrition: In maintaining a good skin, you can never discount the importance of eating healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables. Also, drink enough water to keep the body hydrated, all of this are the best treatment for dry skin.

Go natural: The use of natural extracts in treating dry skin is very effective. It helps you maintain a good skin and natural skin tone without the risk of leaving toxic deposits. Natural treatment for dry skin includes the application of aloe vera and honey. Avocado oils and almond are also some of the best naturally moisturizer that will keep your skin looking soft and shiny.  

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