Best internet marketing training program in Nigeria

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Are you searching for the best internet marketing training program to build a successful business using the internet in Nigeria?

Then you are at the right place. Our Nigeria internet marketing Company which is certified by SiteSell Education in Canada have proven records that we can help your business to succeed online.

We can teach you how to build a traffic generating website that guarantees consistent income on the internet. The condition to attend is the ability to send mail and the strong desire to run a successful business online.

best internet marketing training program

Read some comment below from satisfied clients about our Nigeria best internet marketing training program. 

Testimony one for best internet marketing training program

It was a pleasure to use Olabode Oruku online training and consultancy services to lay the foundation for our internet marketing department. That step has helped us to own one of the top informative traffic website in real estate industry in Nigeria. I will recommend his training to whoever wants to build a successful online business.

- Debo Adejana, M.D. Realty Point Ltd.

The ability to teach you how to build websites that attract potential clients to your business separate us from our competitors. You need a Nigeria internet marketing company training that can make a positive difference to your business.

Testimony two for best internet marketing training program

Olabode Oruku is an online consultant to our company MASTERMARKS Group. His service has helped us to boost sales online. His internet marketing training for small business owners is easy to follow (even for beginners), and it works. I would recommend his training to any entrepreneur who wanted to have anything to do with the web.

- Arc. Dozie Udechukwu, M.D.  MASTERMARKS Ltd.                                              

Remember that for your business to succeed on the internet you need a Nigeria internet marketing company that can teach you how to run a successful business on the internet. According to John Carlton, million dollar copywriter, "Your first job as a marketer is to position yourself against the competition." That's what our training will do for you.

Testimony three for best internet marketing training program

The internet marketing training afforded me a unique insight into the untapped possibilities in website operations, particularly from a business perspective in very clear, logical, convincing and simple terms. I could not be better motivated to own a website." – Nelson Tuedon, CEO Ixora Integrated Services Limited

We are one of the few Nigeria internet marketing companies that offer this brand new course "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet." It's the best internet marketing training program in Nigeria.

As the chief executive officer of Oruku Consultancy services and certified by SiteSell Education in Canada to teach the course: "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet," you will get the best internet marketing training possible in Nigeria from us.

With the training you will acquire the right knowledge that will keep you one step ahead of your competitors, expand your web presence, client base and brand your business.

We use theory and proven practical training to guide you through all the steps you will take to build a successful online business based on what you are doing.

If you desire the best internet marketing training program, then consider our training. We use effective tools that do not require technical knowledge. During the training, you would have designed an effective website that will gradually grow to sustain and prosper your business. In addition, you will keep getting continuous mentoring from us.

You may be wondering if you can understand the course. If you have a passionate desire to build a working website or strengthen an existing one, you can do it.

The length of the course is for 10 weeks, 3 hours a week, that is a total of 30 hours. You are to attend every class and devote at least eight hours per week practising and implementing what you have learnt.

The core methodology of the course separates it from other web courses offers by any other Nigeria internet marketing company.

Below is the course content for our best internet marketing training program:

•    Understand "PREselling" (vs. "selling") – the Content Traffic PREsell Monetize concept; success examples; entrepreneurship; accessing online resources

•    Brainstorm business ideas – types of online businesses; entrepreneur/infopreneur; building on passion/hobby/experience

•    Conduct precise online market research – lateral and vertical brainstorming; analyzing supply and demand

•    Select an effective domain name – unifying business concept; searching available names; registering

•    Choose an appropriate site look and feel – using standard and custom templates; starting and upgrading

•    Develop original site content – outlining like a book; using online resources; studying competition; writing for site visitors

•    Create Search-Engine-friendly pages – analyzing page content; incorporating keywords; organizing content in tiers

•    Incorporate PREselling techniques – using e-mail giveaways; offering downloadable e-books; offering free online courses

•    Promote the business in multiple ways – free Search Engine traffic plus directories; blogging; advertising; e-zines; relationships; joint ventures

•    Implement proven money-generating techniques – incorporating content-based ads; being an affiliate for other merchants' products/services.

Included Materials for the Best Internet Marketing Training Program:

The course includes: (1) a full set of integrated software tools, (2) complete online and downloadable reference materials, and (3) several hours of instructional videos.

The student uses all these materials during the course, for homework assignments and afterwards to create and operate an online business.

Why is the training 10 weeks long?

There is a lot of information to cover. It's a brand new course offered by a Nigeria internet marketing company in partnership with Sitesell Education in Canada.

The best way to master the course is to learn it one item at a time, execute it, and then evaluate the success the following week. You make sure no vital detail is overlooked. Then move on to the next step in the process.

Having an experienced instructor like me to guide you is invaluable. It prevents you wasting months of time and energy because of mistakes made early on.


N200,000 which covers your business website with 1 year of business web hosting, online action guide in pdf and video formats, all resource materials, 10 weeks of instruction and coaching, access to forums, 24 hour - 7 days a week support.

Why pay N200,000?

This course gives you all the tools, all in one place, all tied together into a straightforward easy to understand process that works.

And best of all at the end of the course you have a fully functioning internet business that you can continue to develop, confident that you are doing things right.

We are one of the few Nigeria internet marketing company that has partnered with a reputable Net marketing company that guarantees you continuous support online and offline after the training. You are never left alone.

Here are some of the tools included in your order:

•    A domain name that attracts attention

•    Site hosting company that helps you makes money

•    Keyword tools that show where the profits are

•    Point and click site design, you concentrate on your content, not the programming

•    Search Engine HQ shows when Google places your site in the top ten

•    Built-in search engine optimization makes you build pages that get attention

•    Pay per click research, know when to spend on advertising, and when no to

•    Ezine publishing builds a customer list worth thousands of dollars

•    Automated site blogging and Web 2.0, your customers build your pages, you get paid

•    Form Builder, automatic order creation and payment collection

•    Comprehensive action guide and support at your fingertips

•    Best in class business forums with 80,000 users ready to help you

•    Automatic Link exchange builds your popularity while you sleep

•    Social media marketing get sales from Facebook and Twitter without selling

•    The knowledge you will acquire can be applied anywhere. For instance, you can apply it to your blog and on social media sites like facebook and twitter.

Who to Attend?

1.    Business owners

2.    People that render services such as organizing parties, event coordinators, website designers, lawyers, consultants, doctors, etc.

3.    Shop owners that sell wears and accessories, automobiles, bookshops, etc.

4.    Graduates and undergraduates

5.    Stay at home mum

6.    Retirees

7.    An employee interested in earning additional income part-time.

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Olabode Oruku is the chief executive officer of Oruku Alternative Healthcare. He is licensed by Lagos State Traditional Herbal Medicine Board and also trained in Chinese traditional herbal medicines. He integrates both pieces of knowledge for the health being of Nigerians.

He is certified by SiteSell Education based in Canada to teach a brand new continuing education course called "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet." 

You can reach him on mobile phone 08033205456, 08121325411 or Click Here To Send An Email.

We strive to provide success information about health and wealth on this website that adds value to YOU in all aspect of life.

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4.    We deliver products to outside Lagos with either Courier Companies or Transporters for a cost between N1,000 to N2,500.

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Internet business is lucrative for entrepreneurs that are not focusing on one source of income from their website. The strategy of putting all your eggs in one basket is risky when you are running an online business. The key to success is to learn to diversify the income you are earning from your website. 

Best internet marketing training program page

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Best internet marketing training program page

Internet marketing training for newbies so you can start your online business and bulletproof yourself against the present economic recession. Why did I say so? The internet has redefined the ways businesses are been done worldwide. Nigeria is not an exception! Presently, many Nigerians who otherwise may not have been able to start a business are having a breakthrough on the internet.

Internet marketing mentor to succeed in online business: In the last two decades, the use of the internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for people to earn more money and for businesses to innovatively expand their reach beyond physical boundaries. 

Best internet marketing training program page

Internet network marketing should interest you when we consider that the internet age has brought a lot of innovative solutions and countless opportunities for us. It has made life better and communication between people to be now easier than it has been at any other time in history. A little click on ‘send’ can instantly take messages to people in different parts of the world, and at the same time.

Make money online is now the rave of the 21st century, almost everyone you ask knows that money can be made online, but only a few people actually know how to do it in a legitimate way, and are actually successful in doing so.

Make money online in Nigeria: An online newsletter is a periodic publication distributed by e-mail to prospects and customers. It's one of the cheapest and effective ways of advertising your product(s) and service(s) to people in your target market audience across the globe.

Make money blogging: Then you are on the right path. The reach of the internet has continued to grow extensively, covering most parts of the world. Currently, it has been estimated that there are about 3.5 billion people, which is more than 40% of the world’s population, connected to the internet.

Best internet marketing training program page

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Nigeria business online is one viable option to gain financial freedom in the present downturn economy. The internet has redefined the ways businesses are and will be done globally. It has become the best place to market any product or service.

Best internet marketing training program page

Nigeria online business: Take time to learn how the internet works. There are many ways to go about it. With this article I will share with you some tips to get you started. You must understand that the marketing strategy that will help you to succeed online is different from what has been working for you in the offline world.

Online Business in NigeriaFew years ago, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation predicted that the internet would produce many millionaires. Since then, everyday and everywhere, new internet opportunities keep emerging making people rich beyond their expectations.

Best internet marketing training program page

Successful Online BusinessAre you interested in internet marketing training for small business business? Are you interested in getting a lifetime job opportunities in the IT industry as an instructor either in Nigeria or globally?

Online marketing training course:  More and more companies today rely on online marketing and hope to gain more sales and in turn greater success.  Some of the concrete parts of the online marketing are E-mail marketing, the traditional online advertisement, and search engine optimization. 

Best internet marketing training program page

best internet marketing training program

Small Business in Nigeria With Facebook One of the challenges faced by small business in Nigeria is limited capital for branding and promoting their businesses to potential clients. A solution to overcome this problem is to learn how to use free effective tools on the internet to reach targeted audience. 

Work online from home: This content will be helpful. In this digital age, technological advances have influenced every facet of our everyday life, from how we communicate, to the way we shop for items and even the manner in which we work. 

Best internet marketing training program page

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