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Treatment: Breast Cancer in Nigeria 

To every woman who has won or lost the battle against breast cancer in Nigeria, the disease which is confirmed to be the most life-threatening of all cancers to women, the story is always the same. Once it was at one point of their lives just an abstract term mentioned in passing until it is experienced personally and malignant tumors turn what once was a normal painless life to an everyday struggle.

It is sometimes less scary when such tumours are discovered early but for those cases that are not nipped in the bud, the story is usually the sad reality of losing beautiful painless living, hair in chemotherapy, one or two breasts, and worse off, their lives in quick succession.

What is breast cancer?

Breast cancer is simply the disorderly and unmanageable control in the growth of cells in the breast. Naturally, the cells in our bodies, including that of the breast, grow, die out, and are replaced by healthy ones as we grow; breast cancer, however, occurs when such growths mutate by exhibiting some genes and inhibiting other cells.

This, in turn, causes the cells to divide without restrictions, making the cells to produce more bad cells like it to form a tumour. The tumors can turn out to be malignant or benign. The former means the tumor has the propensity to be risky while the latter is a tumour that is not dangerous to the health. Therefore, benign tumours are considered to be harmless while malignant tumors are the ones considered as cancerous.

Consequently, if it is not discovered on time and proactive measures are not taken to treat it, it has the tendency to proliferate other healthy tissues in the body. In the long run, the physical presentation of breast cancer usually includes a change in breast shape or size, skin dimpling or skin changes which can be thickening of the skin, swellings of the skin or redness of the skin, nipple inversion or other nipple abnormalities or discharge in the nipple.

The presentation becomes worse when there is a spread in the growth of the tumor. At this stage, jaundice, bone pain, altered cognitive functions, breathing difficulties, headache and a myriad of other challenges may set in. These symptoms paint a scary picture but it is the reality that women who suffer from breast cancer in Nigeria face.

What causes breast cancer in Nigeria?

That be the case, what causes this scary picture can be complicated as there is no clear cause of breast cancer in Nigeria, rather risk factors are established. There is a link between breast cancer and obesity, regular intake of alcohol, women who have high diet in fat, family with the history of cancer, early menstruation especially before the age of twelve, late menopause, having your first child at an older age, never giving birth, high radiation therapy and having dense breast tissues.

Breast cancer treatment in Nigeria 

Nonetheless, breast cancer in Nigeria can be treated and cured. Such treatments include chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and of course herbal treatments. The treatments recommended largely depend on the stage of the tumour, age, patient’s preference, among other things. It should be noted though that the treatments of cancer in Nigeria have accompanying side effects except in the case of alternative therapies like the use of herbs.

For example, chemotherapy which is the use of drugs to stop the tumors is one popular and aggressive way of treating breast cancer but its side effects which include the risk of infection, hair loss, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting can make life unbearable.

Surgery on the hand could be a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. The other involves removing the tumor and cancer-free tissues around the tumour to avoid reoccurrence of growth while mastectomy involves removing the whole breast or both breasts even so there is still a chance that the tumor may re-occur which translates to another harrowing experience after one or both breasts are lost.

Interestingly, herbal medicines have in most times come to the rescue and yielded potent and painless results while still leaving your mammary glands intact and with no fear of re-occurrence. With good guidance, organic fruits, seeds and roots like garlic, broccoli, grapes, wheat grass, green tea, soya beans, and olive oil have been clinically backed as efficient in the treatment of breast cancer irrespective of its stage.

Considering that medicines from such herbs are cheap, with lesser or no side effects, and no physical damage means natural cures should be considered as a better way to heal, so should be the primary treatment for breast cancer in Nigeria.

More importantly, lifestyle changes can take a woman off the high-risk list or aid cure when the tumour exists already. So it is time to get physically active, eat well, shun saturated fats, quit smoking, take less of your poison (alcohol) or do not take at all, and listen to your body then breast cancer might not be a part of your history or can be the past in your history.

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