Stomach Ulcer: Causes and Treatment

There seem to be growing cases of stomach ulcer considering the number of people suffering from it. This could be related to changing diet habits since it’s primarily connected to our eating patterns and their effect on the internal digestive functions of the stomach.

What is stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcer also referred to as gastric ulcer is a condition where the lining of the stomach becomes damaged to create a wound or sore that exposes the underlying tissues of the stomach. It is a very painful condition that if left untreated can lead to a worsening sore, severe pains and even death in chronic cases.

Causes of gastric ulcer

The stomach plays a central role in the digestive system by collecting food and breaking them down into digestible form. To perform this function, the stomach is highly acidic in order to kill microorganisms and properly break down the food. Because of its acidic content, the stomach is lined by a mucous membrane that helps to balance the corrosive effect of this acid. But due to certain problems, this mucous membrane may become eroded and the acid corrodes the lining of the stomach, leading to an ulcer.

There are certain factors that expose a person to the risk of developing stomach ulcers, which include:

Bacteria attack:

The most common cause of gastric ulcer is the presence of the bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) which dwell within the stomach lining. If left untreated, the bacteria causes an inflammation of the stomach lining and can even contribute to increased acidity levels, and this breaks the mucous membrane to develop into an ulcer.

Intense hunger:

Being hungry often and for a long period of time can contribute to weakening the stomach lining as it is continuously exposed to the corrosive gastric acid. After some time, this then develops into an open sore.


 The frequent use of painkillers has also been identified as a cause of the gastric ulcer. The anti-inflammatory action of these drugs has an effect in eroding the stomach lining and eventually breaks the tissue to expose the inner layer of the stomach walls.

Alcohol and smoking:

Excessive alcohol intake can also lead to stomach ulcers as this creates an imbalance in pH levels of the stomach. The same effect is felt from smoking or chewing tobacco, as the harmful chemicals increase toxicity levels in the stomach.

stomach ulcerColon Cleanser

 Ulcer Treatment 

Acid-suppressing drugs: Since stomach ulcer are caused by the increased levels of acidity in the stomach, drugs that help reduce the production of this acid can treat the condition. The drugs inhibit the release of acids by the stomach lining, thereby allowing the ulcer to heal.

Antibiotics: If the stomach ulcer is caused by the presence of H. pylori, then the use of specific antibiotics targeted at eliminating these bacteria can be effective in ulcer treatment. You should consult a medical professional before using these medications.

Herbal medicines: Another very effective way of stomach ulcer treatment is through the use of herbal medicines. Herbs that are rich in bioflavonoids and antioxidants, example include green tea, garlic, and honey, are known to clear up the presence of H. pylori and reduce inflammations of the stomach lining.

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