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Dietary supplements are products intended for swallowing or absorption that contains either a  vitamin, a mineral, an herb or other botanical substances intended to add further nutritional value to the diet. There has been an increase in such supplements because of increased consumer dissatisfaction with conventional healthcare.

What Distinguish Dietary supplements From Food?

•    They are foods that do not affect structure and function

•    It’s intended only to supplement diet

•    Not represented for use as conventional food

•    Not intended as the sole item of a meal or the diet.

They are health supplements that help prevent nutritional diseases. The diseases are malnutrition and undernourishment. For example, World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that half of the world’s population is malnourished.

Nutritional Diseases

Malnutrition: Lack of essential nutrient, i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

Undernourishment: lack of food energy (calories).

Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the diet. Therefore, to protect yourself, your body needs nutrients found in foods.

1.    Nutrients provide energy and materials for cell development, growth, and repair.

2.    You need energy for every activity and for steady internal temperature.

Why Vitanature Dietary Supplements?

It’s manufactured with high-quality ingredients that are potent and bioavailable enough for users. It meets Government recommended daily intake guidelines. Tested and evaluated against composition, bioavailability, safety, and potency was proven with excellent and best result.

Vitanature is part of an international organization dedicated to promoting natural and sustainable health. It is a brand committed to manufacturing class of multivitamins that are carefully formulated to give the optimal nutritional value the body requires.

Vitanature is a subsidiary of kedi Healthcare that currently offers the African market a wide range of healthcare and longevity products.

Since its inception on the 18th June 2006 the company has been unswervingly committed to creating a new world culture of health as an absolute priority for the individual and for the society in general, hence the company’s core lines of business products it distributes and services it delivers. To this end, Vitanature is a brand name and a subsidiary of Kedi Healthcare Industry International.

Kedi Vitanature products include the following:

1.    Vitanature Ultramega (Deep Sea Fish Oil): Health benefits are healthy heart, weight loss, improved immunity, anti-inflammatory properties, arthritis, depression and anxiety, eye disorders, Alzheimer's disease, ADHD, skin care, acne, cancer, diabetes, ulcers, fertility, hair care, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and improve blood circulation.

2.    Vitanature Calmazine (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc with Vitamin D):  Health benefits are effective for pregnant women, prevents or manage type 2 diabetes, normal growth in children, strong bones and prevents osteoporosis, reduces blood pressure, regulates body weight and prevent obesity, prevents hypertension, prevents cardiovascular diseases and prevents a migraine.

3.    Vitanature Cello Q10: Health benefits are helpful for heart failure and recovering from heart surgery, neurological health and aging, therapy for Alzheimer's patients, and produce energy the body needs for cell growth and maintenance.

4.    Vitanature Lycovite (Prostate and Cardiovascular Support): Health benefits are heart diseases, infertility, prevent diabetes, prevents age-related macular degeneration and cataracts, prevents aging of the skin, protects your skin from sunburn, and prevent osteoporosis.

You can order for any of our Vitanature supplements to promote natural and sustainable health.

We sell member price to encourage patronage and membership after you have  result that our food supplement works.

ULTRAMEGA (Deep Sea Fish Oil Omega-3) N6,790

CALMAZINE (Promotes Bone Health and Nerve Function) N7,860

LYCOVITE (Supports Prostrate and Heart Health) N8,930

CELLO Q10 (Supports heart function and energy production in cells) N12,600

We offer prompt delivery of the product using courier services for between N500 and N2,500 nationwide.  Call us on Mobile: 2348033205456 and Click her to Send Mail.

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The 4 Options To Buy Kedi Herbal Products Or Open A Membership Account With N4,000 and enjoy members benefits are:

1.    If you’re in Lagos Call/Text 2348033205456 for our office address 

2.    People outside Lagos should Call/Text 2348033205456 for the address of Kedi Service Centre in their states and buy products and enjoy member prices using Kedi No: KN205898 and Names: Olabode Oruku

3.    If you want dispatch riders to deliver products to your house address within Lagos State for between N500 to N1,500 which depends on your location, Call/Text 2348033205456.

4.    We deliver products to outside Lagos with either Courier Companies or Transporters for a cost between N1,000 to N2,500.

Olabode Oruku is a Chinese herbal health consultant and the chief executive officer of Oruku Consultancy Services, an online health and wellness company. In addition, the company offers proven business idea, online and offline marketing consultancy services to small business owners.

You can reach me on mobile phone 08033205456, 08121325411 or  Click Here To Send A Mail.

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Kedi Healthcare Price List From 1ST April 2017

P.S. We do recommend detoxification of the body system before any treatment to enhance result. The supplements for detoxification generally are Colon Cleanse tea, Constilease, Gastrifort, Refresh tea and Qinghao.

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Cell regeneration supplements: Have you ever wondered how people grow, what really happens that brings about the changes in body size and weight that occurs from childhood to adulthood, up till old age? The developmental changes that underlie this whole processes is a product of cell regeneration.

Cell supplements are important to human health because a cell is the fundamental unit of all living things, it is the smallest part of the whole organism that comes together to form tissues, which further aggregates to form organs and these organs then make up our various body systems.

Coenzyme Q10 supplement contains coenzyme Q10 which is an essential component of practically every cell in our bodies. This component is largely responsible for the functioning of cells and the energy to power all our muscles and organs. It’s also known as CoQ10, ubiquinone, or ubiquinol. We hold about 2g of it in our bodies at any given moment, the bulk of which is concentrated in our hearts.

Diseases caused by poor diet:  The popular saying “you are what you eat” is much more than just a cliche, but it is a very practical fact. Our body is designed to work as a huge metabolic engine, and much like every other engine, it requires a fuel or power source, the body’s fuel is food.

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