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Bad Mouth Odour: Causes and Treatment

A bad mouth odour is a foul and unpleasant smell emanating from the mouth. It can be a significant obstacle to enjoying good meals and keeping friends closer with good conversations. Bad breath is a major turn-off for people, and most times, those close to you will not like to tell you about it but instead try to keep it away from you.

The mouth is one of those essential body parts that serve several purposes in life. We must eat and drink to remain alive. The first point of taking food and drinks into the body is through the mouth. Here we get the taste and enjoyment from the meal and kick-start digestion.
Another important use of the mouth is its use for communication. Talking with our mouths is the primary way of expressing ourselves and maintaining relationships with others.
Suppose you notice some particular behaviour from people you talk to and perceive a foul smell from your mouth. In that case, you should take quick steps to remedy the situation, so it does not worsen.

how to get rid of bad mouth odourConstilease Capsule

Causes of bad mouth odour

You might wonder what causes foul mouth odour; it is not a myth. Still, a condition that is becoming very prevalent and this is due to the following factors:

Poor dental hygiene: This means that people who develop bad mouth odour do not take proper care of their mouth. They need the care to brush properly and regularly. They overuse one toothbrush. They do not care when they even start noticing signs of gum inflammation and a foul smell in their mouth.

Type of diet: Diet is one of the causes of bad mouth odour. You should be mindful of what you eat and drink like this; to a large extent will determine how your mouth smells.

Infection: Mouth smell can also result from an infection in the mouth or the digestive pathway. The buildup of plaque and other bacteria can lead to a foul odour from the mouth. 

how to stop bad mouth odourColon Cleanser Tea

Treatment for bad breath

You can effectively treat bad mouth odour by taking the following measures:

Brush regularly and properly: Do not neglect the importance of brushing your teeth at least twice a day in the morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed. Sometimes, depending on the type of food you eat, you can also brush your teeth after eating some meals. Also, brushing correctly with an up-down motion on the teeth surface, inner sides, biting surfaces, and the tongue is essential. Remember to change worn-out toothbrushes too.

best toothpaste for bad breathKedi Gum Care Toothpaste

Herbal remedy: The effectiveness of herbal extracts in tackling bad mouth odour is increasing daily. You can observe this in growing toothpaste using herbal extracts in formulating their products. But the most effective cure for mouth odour is the Kedi herbal medicines. Constilease, Gum Care Toothpaste, and Colon cleanser have a deep cleansing action that neutralizes foul odour and kills off bacteria.

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