SEMINAR: How to Start Your Own Business Successfully

How to start your own business successfully in Nigeria with low investment to earn six figures monthly. How one man cracks the code and now earns 6 figures each month. Do you want to know the secret?

Dear aspiring entrepreneur,

My name is Olabode Oruku. I am a successful Nigerian entrepreneur and I want to help people build profitable businesses.

Over ten years ago, I resigned from one of the major publishing company in Nigeria as the assistant computer manager because like most of us, I am usually broke before the next salary.

I then started and failed in different forms of businesses. Why did I fail? Because I lacked proper entrepreneurship skills needed to run a successful business. Also, I needed a mentor to guide me, someone to show me the ropes, tell me what to avoid and what I can use.

During my failures, I reached one of the lowest points in my life; I ended up losing my car, as I didn’t have enough money to repay the loan. This left a huge dent within my family affairs, as this left them in a vulnerable position. The little freedom that they had couldn’t be enjoyed anymore. Honestly, I struggled to navigate both worlds.

The desire to get out of debts and cater to my family led me to acquire internet marketing skills on starting your own internet business. I learnt that the skills don't work in isolation, you need to know the products that are in demand and understand your competitors.

The key on how to start your own business is to come up with products and services that people need, leverage other people’s time, skills and resources, then you can create a viable and profitable business.

I worked hard to master how the internet works and discover products and services that people are hungrily searching for online and offline.

I decided I needed a strategy, a system, one can rinse and reuse on any product or service. So I went into testing mode.

I started with low investments, tested the waters, made mistakes, learnt from them, refined my approach, build, iterate and finally found the perfect solution for people on how to start your own business. Finally! 

That was the code, and I crack it.

I applied what I learned and started earning a minimum of six figures every month. This knowledge helped me gain financial freedom and gave my family everything that they deserved. Now, I am the owner of 

I am going to teach you what I learnt on how to start your own business, which will help you gain the financial freedom you deserve.

I will teach you, how to start your own business  with small amount of risk and make it successful, so you can:

  • Earn more money without doing much work.
  • Run your business by yourself, no need for employees.
  • Earn any amount of money, is up to you.
  • No need for inventory, as you don’t need to keep bulk of stock.
  • Tricks in the business so you don’t have to pay much on operating cost.
  • Freedom to work anywhere, anytime, anyhow, and for more money.
  • Earn money while you sleep.
  • How to access Whatshapp forum that will mentor you to business success.
  • And best of all, I will be there with you, each step of the way.

TESTIMONIES on how to start your own business 

The presentation is fine and interesting. I am encouraged to be positive and to work on my goals.

 – Mr Godwin

Before the seminar, I had made up my mind not to get into products business opportunity. But after listening to Mr Olabode Oruku and innovation strategies to do the business successfully, I’ll like to be part of it.

 -- Mrs Folukemi Ibukun (Real Estate Consultant)

The seminar is beneficial and the business discussed will be helpful to Nigerians that desire financial freedom, especially the youths.  Even if you are not doing the business the tips of how to be successful in any business are more than enough for someone to succeed in Nigeria.

 -- Mr Adegoke Adeoye (Publisher)

The presentation and arrangement were OK and quite interesting. The seminar serves as an eye-opener to business opportunities for the 21st century. It acts as a boost to a weakening spirit and helps revive ideas pending to be activated and translate it to success.

 -- Mr. Daniel Agboma (Marketing Consultant)

I got enlightened that it's always better to have a stream of income that flows when one is asleep. If one does not want to work for people all his life, one has to create steady residual income for oneself.

 -- Mr. Paul Opaleye (Entrepreneur)

It’s my desire to help as many people as possible on how to start your own business and gain financial freedom in this economy.

I know you agree that the economy is in a mess and more people are being retrenched every day.

No job is secured nowadays and it’s obvious that people with a paid job need additional income to live a reasonable standard of living.

This seminar on how to start your own business successfully  shows you a way out…

By attending, you will walk away with:

Proven information on how to start your own businesses with low investment.

Up to date business strategies, so what you will learn is relevant information that you can use tomorrow to start your business.

Continuous mentoring and strategic partner, so you would never have to feel alone.

You need to be part of this seminar - how to start your own business successfully.

Date: Thursdays

Time: 8.00 am - 10.00 am prompt (No African Time Please)

If you will like to attend,  for date and venue details, Send "I will attend the FREE business seminar "Your names" with your phone no TO 08033205456

Spaces are limited so you need to sign up fast, to be part of this seminar on how to start your own business. Fill the form below for future events.

The seminar hall on how to start your own business can contain limited people so spaces are going quickly, you need to reserve a seat now.

I will see you there.

Yours in success,

Olabode Oruku

Seminar: How to Start your own business

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Olabode Oruku is the chief executive officer of Oruku Alternative Healthcare. He is licensed by Lagos State Traditional Herbal Medicine Board and also trained in Chinese traditional herbal medicines. He integrates both pieces of knowledge for the health being of Nigerians.

He is certified by SiteSell Education based in Canada to teach a brand new continuing education course called "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet." 

You can reach him on mobile phone 08033205456 or Whatshapp 08121325411 or Click Here To Send An Email.

We strive to provide success information about health and wealth on this website that adds value to YOU in all aspect of life.

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Business Education in Nigeria: If you are interested on how to start your own business, acquiring practical business education is the way to go. It’s this knowledge that will give you wealth so that you can benefit from those things that make life worth living. 

Business Ideas: If your business ideas come up with a good product, but you lack the marketing skill to display it to potential clients that may buy from you, then you have no business.

Business Nigeria Opportunity: The key on how to start your own business is to  start seeing problems as an opportunity to move forward. That way you start attracting more business opportunities to yourself. And the easier it becomes for you to gain financial freedom.

Business Opportunities in Nigeria If you are wondering how to start your own business, the best bet is to learn how to create information products. Presently, there are many Nigerians that have turned their lives from rag to riches by becoming an information entrepreneur. 

Business Perception:How to start your own business, your business perception goes a long way to determining your success or business failure. Here is an analogy to buttress my point.  In the olden days, sailors feared to venture far into the distant ocean because they thought the earth was flat as a table. They thought that when they reach the edge of the earth,  they would slip down and perish in the bottomless ocean. We know today that this is not true.

Entrepreneurship Development: I hope the information on how to start your own business with how Dr. Mike Adeniyi Ishola Adenuga, chairman of Global communications who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria, is using power of persistence as a ladder to moving forward in business will be a tonic to you.

Entrepreneurship Education: If you are interested on how to start your own business, you must understand that formal schools like university, polytechnics and colleges cannot provide you such knowledge.

Entrepreneurship Definition: Most probably, you have heard people asking about entrepreneurship definition several times before and also about the need for more people to give it serious consideration. If you are one of the uninitiated, you might have wondered what it’s all about. In this piece, we will attempt to make the concept clearer and expose some associated benefits.

Entrepreneur IdeasIf you are searching for entrepreneur ideas to expand the scope of your business, or you are not one yet but currently brooding on what business venture to invest in, then you have already made the right move in trying to find resources that will help guide you accordingly.

Growing a Small Business: In a developing country like Nigeria, small businesses make up the lifeblood of national development as it is the major source of livelihood for millions of households, even as they play an important role in providing goods and services directly to the consumers.

Law of attraction: is a natural principle that you can apply to attract success to your business. As we know, without success no business can survive, so this information on business education in Nigeria should interest you.

Low cost business ideas: There are many things that the prospective business owner needs to put into consideration. Firstly, there must be a profitable idea in mind on how to start your own business in order to create value, meet specific customer needs and translate into money for the entrepreneur. 

How to attract good luck to your business like most successful entrepreneurs are doing is the information I will share with you on this page. I will focus on success entrepreneurs like Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Larry Izamoje and Robert Kiyosaki.

Network marketing seminar contributed immensely to my success as a Chinese herbal health consultant and a successful network marketer. The features that make Kedi healthcare seminar worthy are the quality of lecturers, conducive environment, the inclusion of testimonies by clients that have got treated with their herbal medicines, etc.

Persistence in BusinessThe importance of persistence in business can never be over-emphasized. If you have the best of vision or idea for a business, you may still never be able to attain the success you desire without being persistent at what you do.

Residual income is the continual inflow of cash through a business venture that does not require the additional efforts of the business owner, once the initial system has been established. 

Starting your own business is one of the proven ways to gain financial freedom. Another option is to get a lucrative employment package that comes with a huge pay packet, and then working to ensure that this pay is not only sustained but is increased from time to time so as to meet with changing economic realities. 

Successful Entrepreneurs: These 9 traits are common with successful entrepreneurs In Nigeria. I hope you will find the information helpful to your business. Let’s get started.

Small Scale Business in Nigeria: One of the factors contributing to the failure of business in Nigeria is because some owners lack integrity. In order words, these entrepreneurs are not sincere with their customers.

Starting a business or even raising a family, be it in getting an education, having an employment, is all for a purpose. Everyone in life is motivated by something, all life’s pursuit. We might not spend most of our time thinking about this purpose, but in our daily work, we have that innate knowledge that the small accomplishments from today’s efforts add up to something bigger that we are building for tomorrow.

Small Business in Nigeria The logical way to gain financial freedom is to start a small business in Nigeria. It has been observed that most Nigerians that are wealthy started with a small business which they gradually nurture to a big corporation. 

Small Business Tips If you are searching for small business tips on how to start your own business successfully, the information I am about sharing with you will be useful. It's a practical business education in Nigeria.

Starting a business in Nigeria is the way to go if you truly desire financial freedom in the present economy. With the continued problems in getting a paid job, downsizing and bankruptcy in the economy, many Nigerians are looking for alternatives. It’s not surprising that the trend in the economy now is to become self-employed. Unfortunately, most people taking this bold and positive step are failing. Why?

Work From Home: KEDI HEALTHCARE, a work from home business opportunity, during its 5TH Car Award and 10TH anniversary awards 100 brand new cars, land, 8 villa and an array of exquisite gifts to her noble distributors. It's a practical business education in Nigeria.

What is business opportunity or how to start your own business opportunity in Nigeria? By just taking a look around, you will see the stark differences between the rich and the poor. 

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