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How to Please Your Woman in Bed 

If you are wondering how to please your woman in bed, this content is for you. Here is a survey by the widespread sexual health app Kindara. The survey shows that out of the 500 women asked about their sexual experiences and attitudes, more than fifty-three per cent said their desire in a relationship was sexual satisfaction.

The need for sexual satisfaction in a relationship is essential. It is one of the factors that strengthen the bond of a union, as a lack of quality sex in a relationship can easily lead to issues of mistrust and infidelity. So it is pertinent for you to know how to please your wife in bed to keep the relationship growing more robust.

The problem is that many men don’t even know how best to approach sex, not to talk less about how to satisfy a woman in bed. In having sex, a man needs to know that he not only derives pleasure but also gives even more pleasure to his partner. With this in mind, he is rightly tuned to deliver a more satisfying experience that will leave her wanting more.

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5 Tips on How to Please Your Woman in Bed 

1. Foreplay: This is the most crucial part of the whole sexual experience. If you want to know how to please your woman in bed, then you should utilize this maximally. Don’t just rush to undress and hop into the bed; relax, and take some time to arouse her. Carefully and sensitively touch pleasure spots like the nipple, kiss the back of her neck and stimulate her clitoris. Sometimes, this is where you get the total score and almost get the job done even before starting.

2. Bring the Passion: Don’t just go into sex without having the right feeling, and make her feel the same. Let her see the passion in your eyes and your actions. Without this, the sex will be a dull experience with little satisfaction.

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3. Switch Positions: Variety is the spice of life, which also applies to the bed. During sexual intercourse, the man should not just go on a one-way road till the end. He should try to bring more activity and fun to the experience by spicing it up with at least another different position. The time taken to make the switch can also serve as a brief but needful break period.

4. Talk: For some women, telling them those sweet words during sex might turn them on overdrive. It's one of the tips for pleasing your woman in bed. It shows her that you are actually feeling it and not just humping through the whole time, making her enjoy it more. Even after sex, you can still have some very intimate talk that will keep her turned on.

5. Last Longer: When it comes to how to please your woman in bed, you cannot discount the importance of long-lasting sex to the overall experience and satisfaction. The man can satisfy his woman in bed by going the extra mile and lasting for more minutes than she would have expected. Of course, the longer length of time will only add to the level of satisfaction. Most men may have premature ejaculation, which impedes sexual pleasure. You can resolve this by using effective, natural supplements that improve your sexual health and satisfaction.

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