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Understanding  Sterility in Male: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

If you are searching for information about sterility in males, then take time to digest this content. The birth of a newborn baby comes naturally for most couples, and this miracle birth begins from the union of a sperm and egg cell, which results in fertilization and the formation of a new life. However, for couples that are struggling with infertility, it is difficult or almost impossible for this process to occur naturally. In such cases, the pressure often lies on the woman, who may be wrongfully targeted for the inability to conceive when the actual cause of this condition could be male sterility.

What is sterility in male?

Sterility in males is a set of conditions that contribute to male infertility and makes it difficult for a man to impregnate his partner. Male sterility is usually a direct effect of the quantity and quality of sperm produced. Although it takes only one sperm to fertilize an egg, about 100 million sperm cells can be released in one ejaculation. Also, these sperm cells must be very mobile for them to reach the egg cell for fertilization to occur. A reduction in the number of sperm cells and their level of motility can result in sterility and create serious infertility issues.

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Sterility Symptoms

This condition has no visible symptoms and is usually unnoticed as the affected male may still be able to release semen, which often looks normal to the eyes; it is only through a careful diagnosis that the microscopic sperm cells can be examined to confirm male sterility. In some cases, affected males do not release any sperm at all.

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Causes of male sterility

Several underlying conditions can lead to sterility in males; the most common causes include the following:

  • Low sperm count: Two-thirds of all male sterility problems are caused by low sperm count (or oligospermia), where the testes do not produce enough sperm cells in each ejaculation. In medical diagnosis, if the number of identified viable sperm cells is below 30 million, it is classified as a low sperm count.
  • Low sperm motility: Another leading cause of sterility in male is reduced motility of sperm cells, which makes the sperm cells travel too slowly and are unable to navigate their way through the vaginal tract to reach the egg for fertilization to occur.
  • Infections: Some diseases and sexually transmitted infections can affect the quality and quantity of sperm produced, resulting in infertility problems.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Penile erection and release of sperm are controlled by male sex hormones; if there is an imbalance in these hormonal levels, it can lead to sterility.

Treatment for Sterility in Male: Exploring Effective Solutions

Male sterility, a condition that can affect a couple's dream of starting a family, can often be effectively treated using various methods. These treatment options aim to address the underlying causes and improve the chances of fertility. Here are some of the effective treatment methods for male sterility:

Medications: Certain fertility drugs can be prescribed to help treat the underlying causes of male sterility, such as infections and hormonal imbalances.

Fertility drugs are beneficial in addressing male sterility when it is linked to specific issues such as infections or hormonal imbalances. Your healthcare provider may prescribe medications tailored to your situation. These drugs can help correct hormonal irregularities and promote sperm production, increasing the chances of conception.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): One of the most well-known ART methods is in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In IVF, a viable sperm sample is extracted from the male partner and carefully combined with a woman's egg in a laboratory setting. Once fertilization is achieved, the resulting zygote is carefully monitored and implanted into the mother's womb. ART provides a promising solution for couples facing male sterility, as it bypasses barriers that may impede natural conception.

Herbal Remedies: Natural remedies and herbal medicines have gained popularity in addressing male sterility. These remedies often contain active elements that can help restore hormonal balance, treat underlying diseases, and improve sperm health. While the efficacy of herbal remedies may vary, some individuals have reported positive outcomes. 

It's important to remember that the most suitable treatment for male sterility can vary from one individual to another, depending on the underlying causes and factors contributing to the condition. With the advancements in medical science and the availability of various treatment options, there is hope for individuals and couples facing male sterility to fulfill their dreams of parenthood.

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