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Symptoms of Appendicitis and Treatment

The content is about symptoms of appendicitis and treatment. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix, a small finger-like sac that is located at the right terminal - the bend of the large intestine. It is serious health conditions that cause severe abdominal pains, great discomfort and even lead to very harmful complications if not properly treated.

The appendix itself remains as one of the most elusive organs in the body, with its specific function yet to be fully understood by scientists, but it is believed that this vestigial organ was part of the digestive system of early humans before the evolutionary process reduced it to a sac containing harmless bacteria that help break down complex materials.

Causes of Appendicitis

The inflammation of the appendix is now becoming prevalent in both males and females of all ages. The actual cause of this condition may vary depending on the individual’s diet and body functions, but the most likely cause of appendicitis is an infection.

Infections will most likely spread from the stomach and adjoining intestine to reach the appendix. Also, since the appendix lies in close proximity with the colon, pieces of stool can break off into the appendix as it passes out of the body. This infection is due to an increase in bacterial population, resulting in harmful toxins that develop into pus inside the appendix.   

Symptoms of appendicitis 

Symptoms of appendicitis are usually associated with pains in the abdominal region which become more intense and concentrated in the lower right abdominal area as the condition worsens. The patient can also have signs of nausea and even starts vomiting with a low appetite for food.

Appendicitis treatment   

If left untreated, appendicitis can be fatal, as the swollen appendix will rupture and its highly toxic contents released into the body system. In its early stages, natural treatment methods that involve the use of herbs can be very effective in treating appendicitis. Some of the herbal extracts that have proven to be effective for appendicitis treatment   include:

•    Garlic:

•    Ginger:

•    Lemon:

•    Castor oil:

•    Fenugreek seeds

Surgery: Another option for treating appendicitis is through the removal of the affected appendix in a surgical process known as the appendectomy. Usually, a very small opening is made through the abdomen from where the appendix is removed. So it won't get to this stage it should be treated earlier when symptoms of appendicitis is noticed.

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