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Unlocking Vitality: The Role of Healthy Cell Supplements in Human Health

Healthy cell supplements are essential to human health because cells are the fundamental unit of all living things. The smallest part of the whole organism comes together to form tissues, which further aggregate to form organs. These organs then make up our various body systems.

These organization levels make up complex organisms like man, and the cells are the building blocks of everything.

In humans, billions of cells carry out all bodily functions, from digestion to growth and excretion. These cells must function appropriately as individual units and in union with one another to have a healthy body. Therefore, this implies that you must have healthy cells before having a healthy body.

Also, at regular intervals, the cells die off to be replaced by new cells to sustain growth and development. Our food provides the energy the cells need to perform all these functions. Still, when our diet does not provide all the required nutrients for the cells to function correctly, it can lead to severe health disorders. That is why we also need cellular health supplements.

cell supplementsKedi Vitanature Cello Q10

What are cell supplements?

These specially formulated health products have been designed to provide essential components required for cells' proper function and growth. They are needed to give those essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals that may not be readily available in our daily diet.

Impact of Healthy Cell Supplements on Human Well-Being

There are several health benefits of taking cellular health supplements, and a few of them have been briefly explained below:

  • Cell metabolism: The cells are small factories where many metabolic activities happen at every point. Even while we are asleep, the cell does not stop its functions. Various nutrients are needed to help the cells build up the required components in our body. These nutrients are readily provided in proper amounts in these healthy cell supplements.
  • Cell repair and growth: Cellular health supplements are also crucial in ensuring that the cells continually repair worn-out tissues in the body and grow to support the maturation of the whole organism.
  • Cell division is an essential process in which cells divide and multiply to produce daughter cells. This process is closely regulated by hormones and specific elements, aided by cellular nutrition supplements.
  •  Aging: As we grow older, the cells in our body become less efficient, and their numbers start to reduce. It is a natural process known as aging, resulting in the degradation of tissues, muscles, and bones. Healthy cell supplements can help reduce the effects of aging and maintain a youthful appearance.
  • Immune system function: A healthy immune system fights infections and diseases. Diseased cells can disrupt the proper operation of the body system, making it less effective in fighting off infections and diseases. Cell supplements can help boost the immune system and maintain its optimal function.
  • Cognitive function: The brain comprises billions of cells responsible for adequately operating our cognitive abilities, such as memory and learning. Reducing the number of healthy cells can result in mental issues, such as Alzheimer's disease. Healthy cell supplements can help maintain the proper function of the brain and improve cognitive abilities.
cell nutrition supplements

Consequences of Nutrient Deficiency: Disease Risks and Reproductive Challenges

In the absence of cellular nutrition supplements, some essential nutrients might be missing, which disrupts the proper function of cells. It can result in diseased cells with the following implications:

  • Cancer is one of the most common health disorders resulting from diseased cells. The regulatory function controlling cell growth becomes impaired, leading to the uncontrolled growth of cells that form tumors and cancer cells.
  • Reproductive issues: There are special cells called sex cells (including sperm and egg cells) responsible for reproduction. When these cells become defective, it can lead to serious infertility issues.

Unlocking Cellular Vitality: The Unique Benefits of Kedi Vitanature Cello Q10

Kedi Vitanature Cello Q10 is a unique healthy cell supplement that provides essential nutrients for cells' proper function and growth. It is formulated with Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant for cellular metabolism and energy production. Coenzyme Q10 has been shown to reduce the effects of aging and improve cognitive function, among other benefits.

In addition to Coenzyme Q10, Kedi Vitanature Cello Q10 also contains vitamins B, C, and E and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These essential vitamins and minerals are required for proper cell growth and division, and they help enhance the immune system and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
Kedi Vitanature Cello Q10 is a safe and effective healthy cell supplement for all ages. It is manufactured under strict quality control measures to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

In conclusion, healthy cell supplements are essential to human health because they provide crucial components for cells' proper function and growth. Without these components, cells can become diseased, leading to various health issues, such as cancer, infertility, aging, and cognitive issues. Kedi Vitanature Cello Q10 is a unique cell supplement that provides essential nutrients for the proper function and growth of cells and has several health benefits.

You can order a Cello Q10 supplement to produce the energy the body needs for cell growth and maintenance and protect the body from free radical damage.

We sell member prices to encourage your patronage and open an account after you know our product works. The price is N30,000, excluding the cost of delivery. We offer prompt delivery of the product using courier services nationwide.

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You can order any of our Vitanature supplements to promote natural and sustainable health.

We sell member prices to encourage you to open an account with N8,200 and enjoy membership benefits.

Ultramega Softgel is omega-3, a fatty acid that plays a role in the body and provides health benefits. Deep sea fish oil is derived from the tissues of oily fish deeply embedded within the sea. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. It cost N12,200.

Calmazine is a dietary supplement containing calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, essential minerals, and health-related vitamins. It cost N12,900.

Lycovite is a good supplement that helps your prostate and heart health to function effectively. It also helps in male infertility and general osteoporosis. It cost N20,000.

Cello Q10 is an effective supplement for promoting cardiovascular health, heart, liver & muscle functions, and other body tissues. It cost N30,000.

Vitaprego Dietary Supplement provides the essential nutritional benefits needed before, during, and after pregnancy, ensuring that the mother and her growing baby have a boost of everything they both need to maintain healthy growth and optimum development. It cost N25,000.

Memory 24/7 Dietary Supplement is specially formulated to contain the standardized 24% Ginkgo Flavone Glycosides obtained from Ginkgo Biloba Extract. Ginkgo Biloba Extract and Fish Oil help the brain function, enhance memory, energy & mood, promote circulation, and support the immune system. It cost N26,000.

Grapemin-E Tablet is a dietary supplement that is mainly for skin beauty. It is a rich blend of grape seed extract and vitamin E. Grape seed extract is called “skin vitamin” and “oral cosmetics” and addresses many health concerns. It cost N25,000.

Vitagent Dietary Supplement is an all-in-one multivitamin for men. It contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals needed for men’s overall health. It is a premium quality formula specially designed for men. It supports immunity, energy, and muscle function, enhances metabolism and performance, and reduces stress and fatigue. It has the function of an antioxidant. It cost N23,000.

M&V Women Dietary Supplement is an all-in-one multivitamin complex specially formulated for women. It contains 24 essential vitamins. It gives all of the minerals required to meet your daily nutritional requirements. It is soy-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free. It is also for women’s daily nail, skin, and hair health. It cost N23,000.

We offer prompt product delivery using courier services for between N2,000 and N5,000 nationwide. 

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Raising Your Immunity Through Healthy Lifestyle Practices

Dr. Olabode Oruku is the chief executive officer of Oruku Alternative Healthcare and Oruku Consultancy Services. He is an author, nutritional and natural healthcare consultant, adverse belief-clearing practitioner, and health and wealth coach.

He possesses a Lagos State Traditional Herbal Medicine Board license and understands Chinese traditional herbal medicines. He integrates both pieces of knowledge for the health being of Nigerians.

He possessed certification from Newskills Academy, located in the United Kingdom, as a Life Coach. 

He has certification from SiteSell Education based in Canada to teach a brand new continuing education course called "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet." 

African American University awarded him an honorary PhD in Digital Marketing.

In wealth creation, he offers consultation and one-on-one training for entrepreneurs on how to build a successful business using the Internet.

In health, he offers consultation on how individuals can prevent and treat health challenges by working on their lifestyle, eating healthily, taking dietary supplements and herbal medicines, and emotional/psychological treatment.

Call/Text/WhatsApp/Telegram us on Mobile: 2348033205456/2348121325411 or send us mail for more information. Click Here.

We strive to provide successful information about health and wealth on this website that adds value to YOU in all aspects of life.

Please note that this website maintenance cost is from income generated from our consultancy services. So, we only offer specific free consultations to those who patronize our products and services.

Olabode Oruku is a health and wealth coach. We offer coaching and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Content optimization to win the search engines and potential customers
  • Building a successful online network marketing business
  • Overcoming vitiligo skin disease
  • Managing asthma successfully
  • Diets and supplements for healthy living
  • Repel negative beliefs and attract goodness to yourself

Call/Text/WhatsApp/Telegram us on Mobile: 2348033205456/2348121325411 or send us mail for more information. Click Here.

Coaching and Consultancy Services Fees

  1. A one-time coaching/consultation fee costs N10,000
  2. A one-month coaching/consultation fee costs N120,000
  3. Three months coaching/consultation fee costs N300,000
  4. Six months coaching/consultation fee costs N500,000
  5. Twelve months coaching/consultation fee costs N1,000,000

You can be different with proven website ideas to make money in the current state of Nigeria's economy, which has left many individuals and businesses in a financial struggle. 

Blogging and Content Marketing Seminar for Wealth Creation

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Training

Contact us to buy the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Machine. The 4th Generation costs N60,000; the 6th Generation costs N75,000. The 4th Generation with Massaging cost N75,000, and the Quantum 4.7.0 cost N60,000. 

We also offer medical checks with the machine for N10,000. The diagnosis reports are emailed to clients on the same day. The information analysis is done, and the softcopy is emailed the next day. 

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You can order the book Using Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer + Systemic Application of Kedi Product + How to Take Kedi Medicine By Dr Alfa Y. Price N5,000.

Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer interpretation online pdf is available for sale for N10,000.

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At Oruku Alternative Healthcare and Oruku Consultancy Services, we commit to providing individuals with comprehensive health and wealth coaching services. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is here to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals and improving your overall health and wealth.

You can contact us to discuss your needs and determine if our services fit you. Whether you prefer to reach us via phone, text, WhatsApp, Telegram, or email, our team is here to answer any questions and help you take the first step towards a healthier, wealthier life.

For more information, call or text us on Mobile: 2348033205456/2348121325411, or email us.

Click the link to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The 4 Options To Buy Kedi Herbal Products Or Open A Membership Account With N8,200 and enjoy members benefits are:

1. If you’re in Lagos, Call/Text/WhatsApp number 2348121325411 or Call/Text/Telegram 2348033205456 for our office address. 

2. People outside Lagos should Call/Text/WhatsApp number 2348121325411 or Call/Text/Telegram 2348033205456 for the address of the Kedi Service Centre in their states if available and buy products and enjoy member prices using Kedi No: KN205898 and Names: Olabode Oruku. You can contact us and request the current membership number to purchase the products.

3. It depends on your location if you want dispatch riders to deliver products to your house address within Lagos State for N2,000 and N6,000. Call/Text/WhatsApp number 2348121325411 or Call/Text/Telegram 2348033205456.

4. We deliver products outside Lagos with either Courier Companies or Transporters for a cost from N2,000 upward with cash on delivery.

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P.S. We do recommend detoxification of the body system before any treatment to enhance result. The supplements for detoxification generally are Colon Cleanse tea, Constilease, Gastrifort, Refresh tea and Qinghao.

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