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Tackling Veneral Diseases

Veneral disease: Viruses are a class of living things that spread rapidly by replicating their genetic material in a host cell, like many micro-organisms they are known for multiplying rapidly and are easily transmitted through contaminated body fluids. There seems to be a rising incidence of the occurrence of a particular group of diseases caused by viruses, it becomes important therefore that people understand the mode of transmission and steps that can be taken in treating these infections.

What are veneral diseases?

These are infections that are spread by viruses and some bacteria which are very easily transmitted from one person to the other or sexually transmitted disease. Two of the most common examples of std are syphilis and gonorrhea.

Young people are now the most affected group suffering from these diseases as their active sexual lifestyle and limited knowledge of the diseases allows it to be spread easily. The confusing symptoms, also make it hard to detect at an early stage and people can be shy to seek for treatment since veneral diseases are mostly caused by immoral acts that they may not like to discuss with anyone but prompt treatment is needed to avoid complications that may even lead to death.

Veneral Diseases

Venereal disease symptoms

Since most veneral diseases are sexually transmitted, symptoms will usually be seen around the genitals in the form of rashes, pains, inflammations, secretions and then there could also be a slight fever, fatigue, and weakness. Because these diseases share symptoms with many other ailments, it can often be confused with other infections and this might delay treatments and further worsen the condition.

Causes of venerable disease

The primary cause of venereal diseases are viruses which infect the cells of the body and multiply rapidly to begin causing damage in a very short time. Having sexual intercourse with an infected person is one of the main causes of veneral diseases, and it is highly contagious. Other causes include the exchange of contaminated body fluids such as blood.


The diseases can be readily detected in a blood test that shows active growth of the microorganisms when examined. The tests can further confirm the presence of specific bacteria to help in proper treatment.

STD Treatment 

Antibiotics like penicillin and tetracycline, administered either intravenously or orally are mostly prescribed for treating venereal diseases. Herbal medicine is also an effective option for treating the infection as recent strains of viruses and bacteria are developing resistance to the infections. Common herbal mixtures usually contain garlic and turmeric that have strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is important that patients adhere to a strict treatment even after all symptoms have been cleared. The infection has to be completely cleared from the system and confirmed in tests before the cure can be confirmed. It is also advisable to keep one sexual partner who should also be tested and treated.

Abstinence from sexual activity is also advised for people who have recently been treated to avoid a recurrence of the disease.

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